My Trip to Lowes

So I got detoured on the way home from work yesterday and because the weather was bad I decided to walk around in Lowes till the storm blew over.  Welllllllll any excuse is better than none…  plus I needed some supplies for the contractors coming on Saturday (to build me yet another closet).  Here is what I found:

A channel lock plier set for $9.99. It is officially called a Kobalt 3 piece Groove Joint Plier Set with pliers 8″, 10″ and 12″.   Now I am not sure if you know how much these jokers normally cost but trust me when I tell you that they usually run $15-20 A PIECE.  I hate the expense of tools so whenever I run up on deals like this I snatch them up with the quickness.  I looked these up on Lowes website and I see they are not up there so this is an in store only item and I believe it is a Fathers Day special price item…

kobalt channel lock plier set

If you have low ceilings then you know that having a ceiling fan is a no-no unless you want to chance taking someone’s head off.  LOL  I saw this fan and it would be PERFECT  because it is totally encased and it is attractive!!  It is in the Harbor Breeze Hive series.  Going to reveals that they do have it in other finishes but I have to admit that  I am wayyyyy too cheap to spend this much on a fan so I passed on it.  Well maybe not cheap, I just have other priorities ahead of spending this much on a fan.  In any case I wanted to put the word out there that ceiling fans on low ceilings is now an option…if you are willing to spend $179.  I am sure they will eventually come down in price.

Harbor breeze the hive ceiling fan totally enclosed and cute

I love to paint and I am loving the sample paints they have in Lowe’s.  These were marked down to $1.00.  They are always marking some colors down and I snatch them up whenever I see them.  When I saw this display my heart skipped a beat!!   Also I have a small wall in my bathroom that just does not seem to make sense to pay $15 for a quart of paint for.  It is literally 3′ wide by 7′ high… that’s 21 sq feet of area.   I found 4 of the same color close to what I was looking for on this shelf.  It cost me $4 and I am sure it is more than enough to cover this small wall section.  I picked up some other colors also to add to my collection for crafting or whatever.  I was so busy looking at the paint I totally missed the spray adhesive…I am just now seeing that in the photo  😦

Valspar sample paints are great to use on crafts

Look at this small square brush by Zibra .  I love it!!  I am too cheap to pay this much for a brush this small though but I bet it goes on sale sometime soon.  It will be perfect for painting trim and I have to say running it over my fingers tells me it is an excellent quality brush.  One day Jaya one day…

Zibra square brush

Last but not least I loved this display of a porch they can build.  I think this would actually look cute on my house.  Sometime down the road …maybe


That is all on the Lowe’s report for today…

I updated the post on the die cut machine…when I first wrote it I was trying to write it in time so that you could catch the contest so it was a quick partial information post and one of the links had to be corrected for the bundles.  I removed the contest details since it is no longer going on and added some other information.



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