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I decided I need to go on vacation and so I packed up and got a ticket to California on Delta Airlines.  I had business to take care of in California and plus I needed a break so it was perfect timing.  Delta was  the cheapest but because I did not want to spend $50 to check a bag I went out and got the biggest carry on I could find.  It cost me$59.  Then I got a makeup sachet that will fit in my pocketbook…another $20.  LOL I could have paid more for an airline that includes a direct flight and free baggage or just checked the luggage for $50  but you know me…always have to shoot myself in the foot before I feel the pain.

IMAG0566My flight left straight after work so the previous day I dropped Bear off at the kennel.  On the day of it is storming real bad and on the way I get a notification that the flight was delayed.  This was not bad news to me because I was leaving straight from work so it allowed me to take my sweet time.  The flight was delayed several times and when I finally got to Detroit to change flights  I find out that I missed my connecting  flight.  Delta puts me and 6 others who also missed the flight in a Holiday Inn and pays for taxi fare to get there and back plus they gave me $25 to use in any store in the airport.  At first they tried to put me on a flight that leaves 3:30 the next day and arrives at LAX close to midnight because of a long layover…are they kidding me?  I whined and cried till they changed it to a flight that would arrive in Ontario, CA at noon.  That still messed up half a day but it was better than a whole day.

You would think the hotel would be on the airport grounds but it was in the city somewhere about 20 minutes away from the airport.  The ride showed me that Detroit is not a place I really want to live in.  The hotel lobby was pretty… the room however was not very good and if I had paid for it myself I would have demanded my money back.  I was scared to take a shower in there and I swear there was a blood drop on the bed…ewlll.  I slept on top of the bed in my clothes and took what they call a bird bath in the morning.

I had to fly into Salt Lake City then connect to a flight into Ontario.  Interestingly enough Salt Lake had a smoking room right in the lobby at the gates.  How come they never had this when I was smoking?


The rest of the trip went without incident.  I arrived in one piece, all thanks to God.  When I got there I did some shopping, got a mani and pedi and my hair done.  I had not done most of these things in a while so it felt really good.  On Saturday I was invited by my cousin who works on TVLand’s The Soulman to their last shows taping.  He gave us VIP tickets to sit in the front row during taping of the show and then go backstage afterwards.  I felt special!  My hair flopped in the humidity but I still took photos anyway…do you recognize anyone?







In case you don’t know who is in the photos there is Niecy Nash, John Beasley, Wesley Jonathan, and Anthony Anderson…not in any specific order.

I found a house that I love but as you see someone else already grabbed it…


Later that evening we went to the wrap party in a nightclub called Xen Lounge on Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles.  It was an absolutely beautiful place and my hair held up pretty well LOL….

IMAG0648 IMAG0646

I saw Tisha Campbell but I did not ask her for a photo nor did I ask Leonard Garner and I am still kicking myself in the butt for that!  I did get photos with Cedric the Entertainer and Kellee Stewart

IMAG0654    IMAG0653  The next day we drove to Las Vegas.  I thought I was going to hit the jackpot there but I wound up not really playing.  I did not like the fact that money does not come out the machine and a penny machine is really a quarter machine.  I played the penny machine and got one try and was out of money.  What the hell?? A penny machine should have 100 pulls for a dollar right???  hmmmph…not any more.  The temp in Vegas was 114 and it was so hot it was hard to breathe


We stopped in Death Valley and I got the grands some lollipops that had worms and crickets in it and lip balm that was supposed to be hot (turns out later it wasn’t).  LOL

IMAG0657 IMAG0700 IMAG0699 IMAG0698 IMAG0697

We stayed at the MGM in one of their sleep well rooms.  hmmmph…sleeping well was one thing that was NOT accomplished. The room was beautiful though…I must give them that




My cousins from NY came and we all had a blast.

IMAG0665 IMAG0678 IMAG0668 IMAG0664

We went to the Cesar’s Palace for their $49 a plate buffet.  My camera went dead so all I managed to get a photo of was their chandelier that upon closer inspection saw was all cups.  Pretty neat huh?



When I got back I went to pick up Bear.  I was hit with a bill that was way more expensive than I thought it would be.  They hit me with a $13 a day extra charge for potty breaks.  For 8 days that was substantial.  I was pretty pissed about that.

Even though everything on the trip had a glitch I did take care of the business I needed to take care of and I had fun with my peeps.  When I got back I found this on the floor…


hmmmmmm…that really made me smile……If you are one of my closest friends you know what I am dreaming of! It would be nice for it to come true!!

6 thoughts on “My Vacation

    • I plan to do something on the house this weekend… if I can only wake up LOL Jet lag is killing me! Niecey was great. She is as nice a person in person as she is on tv. Was not disappointed!!


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