relocating again


Job hunting is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  Thank God I am doing it while gainfully employed.  So how have I gone about doing this?  Well I updated my LinkedIn page and look at the recommended jobs every day, I went to and check the postings everyday and then I went to USA jobs posted my résumé and search it everyday.  I found a job I was really interested in on USA jobs and I kid you not, it took me 4+ hours to gather all the papers they needed (military papers, questionnaires, transcripts, resume and cover letter) and to  fill out all the forms, one of which I never did find.  The result was that since I could not find that one form my application was not accepted.  I called the HR person who was listed as the contact person but he was on vacation so I just left a message.  A week later my application was updated to accepted but I haven’t heard anything yet.

To add to my job hunting efforts I went to the city and county websites and the three largest companies in the area.  I have excellent job skills and I just find it incredible that I can’t find what I would consider a good job.  The market is so tight that they are asking an incredible amount of qualifications.   I am still applied for everything that I was interested in that I felt I could excel at once I was properly trained.

In the meantime I have also been checking houses in the area and getting my house ready to sell or rent.

So what have I done in my house?  Actually, not a darn thing.  Why?  Well my excuse is that the offices on my job are being painted and so all the boxes are in use and since I have no boxes I have done nothing.   That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.  Sad but true.      I have picked up and moved many times in my life but for some reason everyone wants me to stay here even though they know my house is too small for me,  and it is costing me a fortune that I will never see a return on.  All they are thinking is “how are you going to do it?”  I am going to find a job, stay in a hotel till my house sells then rent or buy me a new place.  What’s so hard about that?  I have worked on paying off all my credit and I am almost finished.  I will have everything paid off by the end of this month and then I will be debt free except for this house.

Truth be told, I do have fears with this move and I have to be really careful.  I don’t want to give up my cheap house and job to move to Charlotte and wind up with nothing.  You know how some employers do….they have you get their mess in order and right before probation period ends they terminate you.  That has never happened to me but I have heard of it happening to others lately.  I can’t have that happen to me.  That is why I am ever so careful about where I am applying.

I need a break from job hunting because I am at it for  hours every day.  To take a break I house hunt.    I am thinking of renting  a nice house then twist the arm of the owner to sell it to me if I really like it after a year.  If I don’t like it…move at the end of the lease.  I HATE moving but I know moving to a new city I have to scope things out to make sure I get what I want in the right neighborhood.  What happened to me with this house will not happen again.  Plus now I want to live by the mountains.  I am a mountain or a seaside type of gal.

I have used to look for houses.  First I looked at some rentals.

I made the mistake of not putting in a max amount and these two houses came up that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (click the photos to see the rest of the house)

6bd house in Pleasant Hill Road For Rent $2,490
Great home in The Palisades with double rocking chair porches overlooking the golf course and a large deck overlooking a wooded area. Hardwoods, open floor plan, and all of the extras you would expect including, stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, tile back splash, gas fireplace, island in kitchen, bonus room and much, much more. Hundreds of Executive Rentals at

5bd house in Pleasant Hill Road For Rent $2,500 Stunning full brick home with loads of upgrades. Main level guest suite, formals. Gourmet kitchen with SS app, granite, tile backsplash. Screened porch off of kitchen and master suite! Media room with Sony projector and 7.1 surround sound. 5-zone 5.1 Audio. Master w fireplace, trey ceiling,sumptuous bath, and huge closet. Wooded backyard for privacy. Sideload 3-car garage. Main level laundry room

My requirements are that the house must have 3-4 bedrooms, double vanity in the master bath, prefer master suite on the ground floor,  wood floors, and cherry cabinets in the kitchen. I am so tired of living in this little house.

I flipped over to the houses for sale…

I saw this house for rent a couple of weeks ago and now it is for sale.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this house!!!  I spoke with the realtor, who also happens to own the house  and she is not willing to rent it even for a short period.  It will probably be off the market before I can buy it.

4 bed, 2 full, 1 partial bath 2,163 sqft Single-Family Home Beautifully updated in Wellington!Wonderful open floor plan, freshly painted inside and out, new granite counter tops and tile floors in kitchen,master bath and power room. Refinished HW floors in formal areas, new carpet in bedrooms. Custom stamped patio. Too many upgrades to list.

As I was writing this a friend of mine sent me another listing.

4 bed, 2 full, 1 partial bath 2,000 sqft Single-Family Home Rare find! One owner! culdesac subdiv. Vaulted ceilings in living areas. Stone tile fireplace in Great room. Tile details throughout lower level. Large Master on Main with bay window! 3 Lg bedrms up. Nice & Bright eat-in kitchen with bay window. Large Laundry, 2 car garage. Fenced, landscaped, Pool & deck furn. stays. Roof ’12, HVAC & Ducts ’10, Pool liner ’10 & pump ’12, shed roof ’12 *NO HOA*

I have to hurry up and get a move on selling my house and finding a job because if not there will be nothing left. The market is going back up and now is the time to get out of Dodge!! I need to concentrate on finding a job first though.

8 thoughts on “I WANT TO MOVE!!!

  1. All sounds so exciting. I do hope you can find a job soon and pull this whole thing together for your move. If nothing else comes of it you will now be debt free and that is a BIG THING!!!



      • For sure. The debt free makes so many more options for you. We have been this way for almost 30 years. Being debt free actually makes you more money. You can buy more because you no longer have interest going out the door for nothing. Just always save up for what you want before you buy it. Some times by the time you save the money you have already decided not to buy the thing anyway.

        We also save some money every month. Pay the account like it is a bill. THEN when a crisis hits you have a small cushion to fall back on.Wishing you all the luck in the world this all falls into place for you.

        Time for bed Joe is still in the hospital.100 miles away. :^((( Tomorrow will be 20 days. Hoping he can come home this week.If it is not storming I will try to go be with him tomorrow. I stayed home today to take care of the animals and try to catch up on things at home.

        Hey I redid our bedroom while he has been in the hospital. New flooring and paint.More canning kettle green mixed from left over paints I had on the shelf. Painting started at 6 PM finished at almost 2AM. LOL
        8-25-13-Master-Green Finally painted the master bedroom. Also new vinyl floor. Wanted to get rid of the dust ruffle but needed the storage so I painted all the vintage flat top suitcase collection white.


      • I don’t know how long I can stay debt free. I usually pay everything down then start it back up LOL.

        Sorry about your hubby still being ill. Wow it has been a long time. I pray that he gets well soon.

        The bedroom looks nice. I like the time work you did on the dresser and in the bathroom on the toilets. LOL yes I went through your photos. One of these days I am going to get into tiling as well.


      • Just keep thinking deb free is so much better.Save up for what you want then buy it. Just do it.

        I forgot to tell you I am going to use tile for the base boards in the new vinyl rooms we had installed in the master and guest room and hall and closets. It will look nice and match the window sills I did when we first moved in here.

        LOL on the mosaic toilets. When life gives you S**t mosaic the toilets. I had a blast working on these two. I still need to grout and put the glass glob edging on the master toilet. I just ran out of time with Joe going to the hospital.

        They removed his pancreas tumor and part of his pancreas and other things. Look up Whipple surgery. Very extensive. His pathology had clean margins and no lymph node involvement. He still needs radiation and more chemo. In a couple of months. He needs to be able to eat first.It is not a cure for his cancer but it might buy him some more time.


      • debt free isssss so much better LOL.

        The tile baseboards sound good! I did not even notice the toilets did not have grout on them. They are very saavy. I went a little further in your photo album and saw the photos of the cabin. What happened to it? A flood? I remember you telling me about it on gardenweb.

        The pancreas is a serious organ. I pray all turns out well for him and God gives you the strength to deal with it.


  2. I cannot even imagine having to job search again. The few times I have browsed listings in the local newspaper, have made me realize I need to be grateful where I am.
    That’s awesome that you are almost debt free! I wish I could say that!
    Just the thought of moving makes me all queasy. Moving is so much work and the only way I am leaving my house is on a gurney. My kids are going to make a fortune when they have my estate sale. LOL
    Good luck finding a job and house! Those last 2 houses are so beautiful and awesome prices!


    • I hope this is the last job hunt. The ideal situation would be to not have to work at all but that reality does not seem to be in my life anymore. The next best thing would be to retire and sit back and relax but that does not seem to be a reality either so off to work I must gooooooo.

      Getting debt free is no cake walk. It entails not spending an extra penny on anything at all. That is really hard to do!!

      I am not even sure how I am going to move. I want to go the POD way. I have done that before and it seemed to work.

      Anyway thanks a lot.


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