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Catching Up…

Hi y’all, its been a while since you heard from me right?  I know I know.  I still have a busy and confusing life going on and I still have the mindset that I WILL get a new job, I WILL be relocating to Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC, I WILL be getting a big boost in pay, I WILL get my bachelors degree and this WILL all happen soon.  I work hard and it would be nice to be rewarded for all my hard work.  I am at the end of my schooling and it is KICKING MY BUTT.  I have sacrificed so much of my time for school and this house and  I will be thankful to be a normal person again.

This weekend I am working hard on my papers, which it seems no one really appreciates the pressure I can be under.  I needed a break so this is my way of taking a break…updating my blog LOL.

Guilty confession: I been working on the house a little at a time.  I still haven’t finished my bedroom ceiling and  I have no idea why since it will only take a couple of hours to complete.

My dad is here and was supposed to be helping me put the house back together but he is enjoying relaxing,  watching TV and being away from what he says is a nagging wife that he been with for the last 30 something years.  He has helped some but for the most part I’ve let him chill out and enjoy his break away from home… everyone needs a mental health break once in a while.


I swore, since I am moving, I am not putting another red cent in this house.  Not a one.  BUT things are not going as planned.  I  noticed my toilet  was rocking so  I called my handyman to come over and check it out.  He said the  floor bolt to the toilet was loose and he tightened it.  He also said the seal was loose and I might have to replace some of the floor. WHAT???     I was all panicked at first then relieved when I thought it was only a bolt  loose.  That was a couple of weeks ago.  Then my fiance came and who used the bathroom and when they left I noticed the seat was cracked.  It was one of those cheap padded seats so it really was not a big deal, besides, I planned on getting another one anyway but then I also noticed the toilet seat was rocking AGAIN.  I took the cap off the bolt and tried to hand turn it and OF COURSE it broke!!  SHOOT!!!  WHY DO THEY MAKE TOILET BOLTS IN BRASS ANYWAY?  And the floor around the toilet definitely feels spongy.   If I fall through this floor while sitting on the toilet I will be too through!!!  And NO I will not be posting photos of it LOL

I also had a disaster in the kitchen.  Remember that affordable Sorelli stainless steel  range-hood that I purchased from Canada that I was so in love with?


Well it’s not working anymore.  I turned it on one day and all I could hear was rattling inside the unit like something was loose.  Then I was using it as a night-light until the bulbs blew.   I contacted the seller and of course it has been just over a year since I purchased it so the warranty is no good. Forgetaboutit…. I had to tear my box over the range apart to get it down and then put an ugly one in its place. Why did I have to tear it apart?  Because dumb me only made a small hole for the plug and in order to unplug it I had to take the front of my box off to reach it.  Who would have thought that I would have to take the rangehood down a year later?  Anyway…lesson learned for the future.


I  found that the cover over the fan is plastic and that is what broke and was rattling so much.  I looked all over the Internet for the part but it was nowhere to be found.  I put it on the porch  for a future trip to the scrapyard.


Oh and I am having water problems too.  I think it is my water pump.  Every time I turn on the water I hardly have any pressure.  I turn it off then back on and a little more pressure.  I turn it off and back on again and then I get good pressure.  What the heck?  The only thing I can think of is the water pump.  I think I need to get some air in the water pump and see if that does it.

Last week I went on two interviews.  One is a Business Analyst in Charlotte and the other a Project Manager  in Columbia.  I think I made a good impression at both of the interviews but honestly did not feel like I proved in either that I could do the job.  I am not sure why but I am under so much pressure in school that my mind went blank a couple of times.  I wish there was a way for employers to get a snapshot of my work style and then they would know I am more than capable….but that is up to me to give them that snapshot and sell myself and I don’t feel like I am doing a good enough job of that.    Right now I have a job that is easy  for me,  I have little to no stress, I easily meet my deadlines, no hassles, no drama, but I  want to be out of this house and out of this city and into a bigger city and a bigger, newer  house…and near some water!!  I can’t explain it any other way than that.

Every day I been playing the lottery or buying a scratch off.

I also forgot to say that my daughter brought me a deer head for my birthday.  I tried to tell her that I do not plan on living in the country anymore and I probably won’t hang the deer head (besides I don’t hunt and a deer head on the wall is a definite statement I don’t want to make) .  She looked so disappointed that I regressed and hung it up in my living room.  She is so happy every time she sees it on my wall.  LOL.  A mothers job is never done.  Bear was scared of it.  He used to growl at it every time he passed it but he is used to it now.  And when I have company I get a raised side eye LOL.  When I move I am going to get a house with a garage because that is where the deer is going!

IMAG1090[1] IMAG1086[1]

Oh and lastly I cut my hair off.  I had no choice.  Well I did and didn’t.  See what happened wasssssss….I was using these bands to hold my hair in a ponytail and it was breaking my hair off right at the base of my neck to the point where the long part was getting thin and stringy so screw it…. My hairdresser told me not to do it saying  she can “rescue” it but I made her cut it.  The first time she refused to cut it as short as I wanted it so she cut it to my shoulders.  I went back and asked her to cut it again.  She went a little further up.  I had to go to another hairdresser to get it as short as I wanted it….  and then I regretted it LOL.  I am noticing some growth but it is not growing fast enough.

hair IMAG0646[1] chair

I am not so crazy about it.


And Bear is doing just fine…thanks for asking!


That’s all for now folks!!  Feel free, as always, to comment…

OH WAIT….every post from now on will have an inspiration photo.  You can model a normal bathroom off this one with stucco, and tile but it would take some money to do…even for a do-it-yourselfer.  I would Love love love to have a similar bathroom but it would have to have a dressing room attached…you know where I can do my hair and put on my makeup.  This counter is not made for girly stuff.


6 thoughts on “Catching Up…

    • Thank you…I am actually getting used to it now. I do get a lot of compliments on it so it can’t be as bad as I think it is…and I like it better now that I have colored it lighter.


  1. LOVE the new hair. Really looks good on you.

    So good to hear you are reaching your goals. Even if life throws a little $hit at you. you can always fix the toilet.

    Always good to give Dad a break instead of working him He will remember this and it will come back to you ten fold.

    Keep us posted on how it goes.



  2. Have been wondering about you. So glad you gave an update. Hang in there with the job hunting. January will bring a new year with companies gearing back up.


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