I Decided to Stay Put …..its cheaper, easier and less hassle

whew it has been a long time since I been on here. Some of you followed me on my old blog and journeyed with me through my renovation and it still isn’t over.
Okay so here is the background:
My house is a log cabin which was later added on to. It is inefficient and even after renovating I still don’t have room for all my stuff. Well I did but now my dad is here so now I no longer have room again. Back to square one. I was going to sell and buy a new house but thinking about it I would rather renovate and stay than to move and probably wind up renovating again. sooooo long story short I decided instead of listing it I am going to keep loving it.
here is the sketch to scale
 photo current-1.jpg
room 1= unheated sun room and front entrance (never used)
room 2= my bedroom (originally the living room thus the fireplace in the front)
room 3= my dad’s room with two closets side by side taking up the whole back wall and full of mostly my stuff
room 4= my livingroom with two storage closets
room 5= the kitchen
room 6 the mudroom/laundry room back door here
room 7 the only bathroom

The problems:
-I want a bathroom and walk in closet
-I want a place for my grandkids to sleep when they come over (they now sleep in my bed and I sleep on the couch)
– I want some privacy
– I would like to have a dining room
-I would like a small enclosed porch

My proposal
 photo avail-1.jpg

room 1- my dad would like that as his bedroom… needs to be insulated and the door closed off
room 2- make that the livingroom
room 3- kids room/sewing room…. left closet for dad… right closet for all my fabrics and craft supplies (YES!!)
room 4- would like to take out the two windows between the storage closets and make that the front entrance
 photo side.jpg
and make this room the dining area with a full wall of shelves for my books (this is an old photo but you see the area best here)
living room before photo DSC00845_zps1c4fdf5a.jpg
also in this room I would like a built in corner cabinet to hold extra dishes see sketch for placement
 photo corner-cabinet.jpg
room 5- still the kitchen
room 6- still the laundry area would like to close it off and make it an exclusive laundry room
room 7 still the bathroom

before house rear photo DSC00838_zpse82a1f1a.jpg

I am thinking the area where the deck is move it over a bit and make that the area where you come in and incooperate a sitting room/ enclosed porch and somehow include the entranceway, something a little bit wider than this
 photo hall.jpg

close off the laundry room, make the sunroom connect to my bathroom, bedroom and walk-in closet. …like my own wing

I really don’t want all the available space to be added on, just showing the max… I really can’t afford all that. my bathroom can be 5×9 with no tub just a walk in full size shower, toilet, & sink
 photo avail-1.jpg
I don’t know what size a normal walk in closet should be but I found a 8×10 closet that is big enough to have a few drawers for sweaters, about 30 pairs of shoes, and enough room for 2 people to hang a full wardrobe of shirts and pants Is that too big?
 photo wic.gif

Bedroom, would like room for queen size bed, a chair, a 2×6 cabinet that has a fireplace in it,
 photo avail-1.jpg

-because the walls are logs no walls in rooms 1-4 can be knocked down and between 5 and 6 the stairwell must remain
-the parking area has to remain untouched

Area A is my “wing and can come all the way to the house
looking at sketch 2:
in the space marked available I would like to have my entrance which is also a sun room or place to sit and look outside (see photo above), and my bedroom suite which would consist of a walk in closet, bathroom and bedroom. I would also like my part of the house to be able to be closed off by a door so I can lock it and the kids can’t get into it when I am not home.
Just because it is marked available does not mean I have to use the whole area. I marked off the maximum dimensions but I need to make this renovation as cheap as possible.

What i would like considered:

lots of light.
most bang out of a modest amount of space

What is the most efficient siding method?
where do I move my patio/barbecue area to? The checkered area in the aerial is the current “patio” and the same place that I allocated for the addition
 photo land.jpg

How do I get the plans drawn up?
What are some lessons you learned?
What is the most efficient way to do this?
How much do you think is the least I would spend on this renovation?

To me this does not look like a lot but I don’t know maybe it is more than I think

I want a lot of space on a little bit of money.. you know….the American dream LOL


Feel free to comment here

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