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Weeding Through The Clothes

Okay so I decided to dedicate a weekend to each thing I need to do.   This weekend is dedicated to clothes.
When I moved into this house I was a size 8, Now I am a 14. There is no way I am getting my fat ass into an 8 again….or a 10….and if I do I probably won’t want those clothes anymore. So I am chucking them. And chucking the things I still have tags on that I never got to wear…even if they fit me now. Most of them are over a year old. So the rules are:

  • ANYTHING under size 12 has to go I don’t care how big it is cut.
  • I am not saving anything for anybody.  Calling people to come get and if they are not here by tomorrow..chucking it (to Goodwill of course)
  • If it still has tags on it it must also be chucked…I didn’t wear it up to this point why would I now?
  • Anything I am iffy about also has to go.

Trust me…Thats all easier said than done…I am looking at stuff remembering how darn sexy I looked in it and the good times I had in certain clothes but  I can’t be sentimental about this..everything not in use must go. When I finish I am going to build a capsule wardrobe, hopefully mostly with pieces I already have. And that is all I am packing. I can’t be paying to ship a lot of stuff I probably won’t get to wear.
A capsule wardrobe is a good idea anyway. I was working on one but I stopped when my job gave us uniforms…and that’s all I have been wearing (the uniforms) and a pair of shorts and rotating tee shirts on the weekends.

As I was going through the clothes I found a lot of clothes that I could not find and that still fit me. I was truly baffled as to where they could have been.  Whoopee….about time.  I pared three closets down to a half. That felt good.  Clothes and coats.

Next is the shoes.  That is going to be hard!!

2 thoughts on “Weeding Through The Clothes

  1. Oh, I so need to do this.
    I have so many clothes, in sizes from an 8 to a 16 (I am a size 12).
    I need to just donate the larger ones as they cannot even fetch a dollar in my yearly yard sale. Seriously, people won’t pay $1 for a $30 pair of slacks from New York and Company…
    I hope you still keep your blog when you move to another country. I have read it from beginning to end twice! Your writing is so very entertaining!
    Crossing fingers that you start a new one: ‘How to Snag a Husband and Not Get Deported From a Foreign Country’ LOL


    • Lol…that was funny and thanks for the support. Actually I am going to continue with this blog if and when I get over there. I got rid of all the clothes. Donated sine and gave some to my daughter and granddaughter. Do many Inc blouses. I know I gave away a couple of thousands away easily and now that I don’t see them I don’t think of them. Liberating!!!


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