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What else can go wrong?

So nothing seems to be going right this week. I been having a lot of what I will call “nuisances” for the last 6 months or so, but nothing like what’s going on this week.

So what could have possibly gone wrong? It all started when i lost water pressure in my house. It’s down to a trickle. I either have a bad well pump or my well is running dry…which has happened twice before me. I am afraid of the latter simply because I replaced the well pump a few years ago. My dad seemed to love taking tub baths and running the washing machine to wash one single item. I kept hinting at him that the well could run dry but he paid no mind to me. What do I do? Scream in his face to stop using so much effing water? I can’t do that although I really wanted to at times. It seemed I was always on his case about something.., running the tv all the time, even when not in the house, leaving lights on, leaving dishes in the sink, having the house smell like stale cigarettes, staying in the house eating up all the food when he could be socializing at the senior center and eating their free food. I mean I am not rich and this was becoming a major burden financially as well as on my privacy. He gave me “permission” to have company any time I want. I just rolled my eyes at that and I think he thought because I opted not to have male callers here with him in the house I liked being single.

I think he thought I was comfortable and could handle any emergency because he thinks I have plenty of money. I know that because my sisters told me he threw it up their faces. I told him I just live within my means but my budget is a well oiled machine and one kink can throw the whole thing off. I don’t think he believed me and he was becoming that kink. After I told him the well might be drying up he still took a bath and even told me it took over an hour to fill up the tub. God help me. Admittedly this water situation was getting worse over a period of time so its not all on him, but it did get markedly worse once he started taking tub baths and I ignored it and hoped for the better. I should have gotten it checked earlier but since I am still paying to get all the trees he chopped down in the yard cleared out, I had no choice. I can’t do it all. There is no “S” on this chest.

The second thing that happened this week happened to my computer. I come home one day this week and logged onto my laptop as usual but this time it says I have 10% battery power left. I verify its plugged in but to my shock and surprise it is not charging. Are you kidding me? I did not drop it… but where the cord plugs into the chassis the connection is reallllly loose. I could not jiggle it or anything to make it charge. I am going to try another cord and see if that will do it because we did have some storms and it could have messed up the cord, but otherwise I am going to need another motherboard. I looked up the motherboards on the VAIO …$400. Oh God…WHY NOW??

They say ask and you shall receive. I just want to get everything working in this house so I can concentrate on my dreams and not my problems

So the good new is that its too inconvenient to use this ipad. I am typing this post on it then back to working on the house. Hopefully I will document some progress. Right now I am licking my wounds and feeling all sorts of despair. It won’t last long…

Anyone out there have big plans and then everything in the world happened to try to foil your plans? Feel free to share your experience below.

4 thoughts on “What else can go wrong?

  1. I’m so sorry you had a bad week. ((hugs))
    I would never have imagined that it would cost $14,000 for a Visa! You are right though, your house is cute and it should sell with no problem.
    That sucks about the water issue. *crossing fingers* that it isn’t too expensive.
    About your health… it’s always scary to get those kinds of results. Sending good vibes your way that it is only a false positive. Call on Archangel Raphael to heal you with green healing light. ❤ Sending good vibes your way. More ((hugs)).


    • Thank you! No not $14k for the visa its $6k for the immigration officer (NZ Shores) or $2k if i do it on my own. i know their fee sounds expensive but they do a lot more like helping to get a job and relocate. They have a guarantee that if you don’t get the VISA you get all your money back.
      Then you have to add $2k for the airline ticket,
      to get an apartment in the city it costs one month rent and 1-1.5 months bond and application fee which is usually about $3,000-4,000 to move in
      and that leaves about $2000 spending money for hotels and meals till I get a place and a paycheck. It adds up fast. I would actually be more comfortable with more than that. Thats the minimum.


      • yes it is!! This lady doing a video said she saved $10k thinking that would get her there and last a couple of months but it only lasted a month. I am not sure if I am going to be able to pull this off or not. 😦


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