Packin Up

Weekend Dedicated to Decluttering

I don’t know about you but I have multiple junk drawers, baskets bursting with “treasures” tucked away in every conceivable spot I can find in this house….not to mention what’s tucked away in the barn and in the closets and drawers all over the house!! I mean how many junk stashes does one need to have?? And what does it really say about me?

So this weekend I decided to concentrate on getting rid of the junk in my junk room. LOL yes a junk ROOM.  It is supposed to be a sitting room off my bedroom but it convienantly has a door so therefore it is where a lot of my stuff gets stashed …out of sight out of mind. I been at it all weekend long and what have I accomplished? More piles that’s what.

And then there was finding stuff I had not seen in a long time…like my manicure kit… so of course I took a break to do my nails….hands and feet. And my foaming facial cleanser kit so I also gave myself a facial.
I am almost done with what I am going to do this weekend…which turned out to be dividing my crap into the piles:

  • House stuff (manuals warranties etc) placed in a nice old bag I got from Macys for buying some makeup that I probably never even used. They got me on that every Christmas…
  • Stuff I want to take to the office. Mostly pens and desk gadgets I got from going to conferences. I gave tons of that stuff away…people always appreciate pens right? I kept the good stuff hoarded in my house never used and dared my grandkids to touch.
  • Stuff I need to carry with me wherever I go for job hunting purposes. I think I found every single certificate I ever was awarded. My daughter keeps hers in a notebook and people always seem impressed when she whips out her certificates. I never thought anyone would give a hoot. I am going to try to use mine too.
  • Stuff I want my kids to have…
  • Stuff I want my nieces to have…
  • Stuff to take to the scrap yard, including my impressive used screw and nail collection and every piece of metal and all the circuit boards and cords I can find. I will probably make $10 LOL
  • My craft stuff that I haven’t figured out what I am going to do with yet. That has to go with me someway, somehow. I have a box of threads and bobbins, and three drawers of other craft supplies
  • stuff to give away at Goodwill, Rescue Mission and Buried Treasures
  • Stuff I want to sell
  • Stuff I want to paint or fix up to sell
  • Stuff I want to throw away.
  • Stuff I am not sure if I want to throw away or not
  • Stuff to sit by the curb soon as my grass gets cut.
  • Stuff I don’t know what to do with

URRRG this is frustrating. I thought I was going to see a clean room…but noooooo…I still have plenty more to go through and everything is still here.  I go through stuff and make piles then transfer the piles to other rooms so when one room looks good another is a disaster.  You can’t win without discarding!!


Lesson learned…don’t be a pack rat. I remember a time when I could pack my whole house up in a weekend, move and have my new house looking perfect in a week, with nothing left in boxes….except what always stays in boxes and is stored outside of the house,… I have stuff that went through 3 moves and never used ….yet every time I go through it I HAVE to keep it. WHY???

This is going to take more than a weekend…..

Please tell me I am not the only one with multiple junk stashes?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Dedicated to Decluttering

  1. *raises hand*, I have lots of junk stashes too… I just posted a few months ago about my junk room aka ‘craft room’. Like I can actually craft in there…. the closet is filled to the brim with boxes of even more stuff.
    I can’t help it… I was raised in poverty. We lived in tents, the car, abandoned houses, my toys were found at the dump.
    I spend money on stuff, and need lots and lots of therapy. lol

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