Laptop dysfunction

So my computer was down and when that goes out everything goes haywire.

So what happened wazzzzz……

.A few weeks ago,  thanks to either my grandkids or my dad, my computer dropped and there is a small crack in the side of the chassis and the cord was pulled so hard it is no longer working.  I normally never leave my computer out of my room unattended but I don’t know what happened this weekend, I got lazy and well, I paid for that laziness. Everyone denied any knowledge of it but okay I kept it moving.  too much on my mind to focus on playing the blame game, which when I am pissed I usually do not give up till the guilty party is identified.  I spent a lot of money on this computer…not as much as an Apple mind you, but enough to not want to throw it away (the first instinct of our society unfortunately).  When the computer fell it broke the inside of the AC adapter jack.   I went to Best Buy and found the cord for $59 on sale and when I asked about the repair they told me that it was $75 to diagnose it.  I told them I knew what was wrong with it and all I wanted is a quote to fix it. The Geek said that’s not how it works so I left….no cord and no repair. Hmmmph!

I went on eBay and found the cord for a whopping $6.76 plus $3.38 in postage and the part for $6.29.  Yes folks that is a total of $16.43 which saved me a minimum of $118 (plus tax) by fixing it myself.  (YES!!)


I headed on over to YouTube and found a video that gave step by step instructions on how to fix it.  Looks so easy but it is actually Intimidating to say the very least.  There are so many screws on a laptop its crazy.  After I finished watching it a couple of times I jumped in and started unscrewing. The screws were hard as hell to remove and I had to use a pair of pliers to help me cause my fingers were killing me using those mini screwdrivers.  Note to self…get rubber grips on my next set of mini screwdrivers.

As I went along I labeled all the holes, as instructed, with masking tape.  3 screws: tall ones, fat ones and short ones.

lap top screws marked off

When I finished I was left with this.


I took it apart before ordering the jack and  it sat on my table like that for a while.  When the part came in I put my laptop back together THEN I ordered the cord.  (I thought if I ordered the cord at the same time that would somehow jinx the whole operation (wouldn’t work then I would be stuck with a new cord that I can’t use) so when I put everything together I ordered the cord.)  The cord took a gruelling 11 days to come.  I was pissed that it took so long….coming from NEW JERSEY…only 500 miles away.  I think the guy drop shipped my order but he denied it so he got a 1 star rating on shipping.

I held my breath and plugged it in and BAM…

laptop screen.

That almost brought tears to my eyes LOL.

2 thoughts on “Laptop dysfunction

  1. Yay, you are back!!
    I am impressed… I would have been too scared to take apart my computer! I did replace a hard drive once, but was on the phone with a highly accented Dell technician walking me through it.

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