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The Snake and the chickens

Okay so where do I start?

The chickens or the snake?  Okay in the case the chicken came first.

For a couple of months every time I go out to the chicken coop to collect eggs…nothing….In my mind somewhere in the recesses I knew it was a snake but I kept looking at the security cameras and saw nothing on them.  So maybe not.

I got tired of feeding them for nothing so I found someone who knew how to slaughter them.  I asked him to come get the chickens and as long as he can give me two chickens he can keep the rest.  Slaughtered and dressed. We had an agreement.  He was not anyone I knew personally…he was a friend of a friend.  We set up and a date and he came to get them.

The guy had a beat up dog kennel to put the chickens in and he tried to catch the chickens with a beat up net.  I got the instinct impression he was VERY poor.  That made me feel good giving him four chickens for his family to eat.  I gave him a big wire cage that I had in my barn since it was raining and he said he would not be able to get to the slaughter until the weather cleared up.  And I gave him a waterer.

The next day he called me and told me that he went out to slaughter the chickens and there was 5 eggs out there.  So now he does not want to slaughter them.  Knowing he did not have much I told him to just slaughter the smallest one and keep the rest to do whatever he wanted to do with them but then he said his daughter fell in love with that one and called her to tell her that her chicken was going to be slaughtered to which I hear crying and “noooooooo” in the background.  I told him I can not do that to her and then he offered to buy a chicken to slaughter for me.  Not the same!

I called him back and told him we can barter the chickens for a ride to the scrap yard  because I have a lot of stuff to take to the scrap yard but no way to get it there.  He happily agreed.  We haven’t done it yet….I am still gathering stuff

In the meantime the guy comes to cut the grass and what does he see slithering through the grass towards the chicken coop?  A black snake.  He killed it then sent me a text message (I was in the house) asking me if I want to put the dead snake in the recycle bin. uhhhhh no I don’t think so…throw it in the burn pile and lets start the fire.

Problem solved.  A little late though!!

I still wish I got to taste what a fresh chicken taste like.

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