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The Tree

A couple of weeks ago Duke Power Company left a note on my door saying they wanted to take down a dead tree in my front yard by the road for free, so it won’t fall on their lines.  They assured me they would cut the wood up in pieces small enough that I can carry them to the back to the burn pile, and they would leave it all in a nice neat pile.


I believed them and signed on the dotted line.  It took them about a while to come but they finally got here and cut it down…



That wood looks so pretty right?  If I was staying here I would have made me a table!


Before you read on, just by looking at the photos, how many truck loads of wood do you estimate this to be?trees2

The culprits


The complaint was not that they took the tree down but that they left all these big pieces of wood that I have no way of getting out of my yard without paying someone.  Free is supposed to be free not hey I am going to do this for you for FREE but in the end you have to pay.  I called the light company and fussed them out.  They said they would get here last week but never came.  The tree sat in the yard while I waited for them to come check out their mess. But I just waited.  And waited

I couldn’t wait for them any longer.  On Friday at the end of the day I found a nice piece of 2×2 ceiling tile at work and I used markers to make a nice pretty FREE WOOD sign.


I got home and realized I forgot it in my office so I had to make another one… not so fancy this time.  I taped it on my eggs for sale sign LOL.  Whatever works right?IMG_0188

Friday a guy from my job came over and filled the bed of his dads pick up truck with wood to give to his aunt.  It did not even look like it made a dent in the amount of wood left and he took quite a bit.

Saturday a neighbor called and asked if one of her friends can come in a couple of hours  to pick up some wood as he is really poor and can use it for heating his house this winter.  I said heck yes but he never showed up

Sunday a guy came by and asked if he can get some wood.  I seen him before…he lives about a half a mile from here.  I said yes take all you want…and he did.

Load one he picked up some of the branches and smaller sticks.

Capture2 Capture3

I thought he was done but then he came back for load two.  This time he tried to get some of the bigger pieces, not so easy

Capture4 load 2

Now if this guy was having trouble did the light company really expect I could get this wood up myself??

He came back a third time with a chainsaw and an ax to cut some of the wood down before loading it up

He worked his butt off

ax   ax2


he loaded pacman on the truck.


I did not get much done today cause I was sitting in the house watching him on the security camera’s.  LOL.That is where I got all these photos. You don’t think I was so rude as to take photos while he labored away do you?

Off we went with load 3

load 3

He came again and again till it was all gone. I was feeling so blessed.  He wanted all the wood and here I was thinking I would never get this stuff out of the yard.  I had to go to the store so I stopped and thanked him and told him if this was for his personal use I hope he stays warm all winter and if he is selling it I hope he makes good money.  He said it was for personal use.  I really don’t care because if he was selling it he did an honest day of work to collect it and he still has to split it.  Can’t knock an honest hustle.   I feel like I blessed him either way….with heat or money… and that was paying it forward from me getting the tree cut down for free.  That is the way it is supposed to work right?

end end2

Five loads gone and probably two more to go.

And of course then it rained.  I had a straggler come and he tried to roll one piece of wood and gave up easily.  He took a couple of sticks and he was outta there.  LOL

wood1 wood2

The guy who cuts my grass got some wood for a coworker who is going to use the wood in his firepit while tailgating. and it became a win win situation for everyone.  Lots of people got blessed by that tree from the guys who got paid to cut it down to all the people who got free wood to do whatever with it and me who got the tree cut down for free.  Thank you Lord!!  Blessings come in many ways.

Oh and on another note…


2 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. Dang, I got tired just reading about all the work that went into loading up the wood.
    I laughed out loud when I read the pac-man part. haha
    That was a great idea putting ‘free firewood’. That could be his only source of heat this winter, so good for you!
    We cannot burn our fireplaces in town. 😦 Imagine my disappointment my first Christmas in this house. Seriously, who broadcasts a ‘no burn day’ on Christmas? That’s just mean.
    I ‘pretended’ we had a roaring fire by lining up a bunch of candles in the fireplace. 🙂


    • Hey Debbie…I tried to go to your blog as I am now catching up and it tells me I have not been invited to it, but I am pretty sure it was not always like that. I hope I have not offended you in any way!!


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