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You want to see the most boring wall in a bedroom history to wake up ?  No really,  I have this stone fireplace that I painted and  I  love how it came out but I use the mantle for junk and it always looks terrible.  I tried photo arrangements but I don’t really want my family staring at me in my sleep or whenever for that matter.  I tried candles but since the ceiling is so low I don’t want to be tempted to burn one…I might burn my house down. Bottom line is  when you have a Silhouette Cameo no wall is allowed to be blank!  You will never rest easy.


I scoured the Internet looking for a design to copy.  I thought of all sorts of stuff…  from naked people (it is the bedroom after all) to something ultra chic.  This process took me a couple of days and since I been bedridden what else did I have to do? I settled on inspirational.  I have so many clip arts in my folder now and not enough places to put them hhhhh life can be so very challenging.

journey of faith

I needed something inspirational right now but I notice  I some how snuck the naked  fairy up there.  Did not even realize I did it at first.  I have to google naked fairies and see if there is something behind that. Anyway this is the design I intended to make and intended to cut  out in 4 pieces.  the fairy, the flowers and the two word sections.  I totally messed up the flowers and originally decided to leave them skimpy.


Not even sure how I created that disaster!!!  And I do realize that IS NOT CUTE.

I used Contact brand leather textured black shelf paper (Creative Covering Ultra). I got it from Lowes.  Its a tad bit thicker than normal paper, no doubt because it’s textured.  What ever the reason I like it.


My cut settings?

test cut

After cutting out my design I always hold my breath because looking at the paper when its finished you can’t see the cut lines through the texture.


Its not until you start peeling that you get excited because now your design is coming to life.!!


But sometimes it is bad news like that scroll mess above.   I decided to do a different design, not quite so complicated and I had to change my settings.

right border trace

In trying to find the scroll design I wound up changing the wording and layout.  Well not really changing the wording but more adding to it. Thats what happens when the creative juices start to flow.

I originally used the snippet tool to cut my words out and paste in silhouette and now that I am adding words I have to make sure they are the same size as the first part.I slid my original up, added the word and, resized it then pasted the bottom of my sentence in and resized it to fit.



edit 3

Because the new line was longer I had to make my page a little longer. The paper does this “slippy-slidy dance and waste all your vinyl” thing when you get too close to the edge so if you don’t remember anything else I say remember you should always have at least an inch edge border.  I could have taken that tip to the bank with all the vinyl I wasted trying to get as close to the edge as possible.

This felt like such a big waste because I only had these two lines to do on and I thought about taping up all the extra ends of the rolls I cut off but I did not want to jackleg my project so I just sucked it up.

Side thought: I need to write contact and ask them to make a 13″ roll for us crafters. Don’t you know at $5 a roll they would take over the market!!

After I took the background paper off I had to “weed” the letters to get the voids in the letter out.




Then I decided to try and use masking tape to transfer the design.


After I transferred everything  to the tape then I taped it  on the wall to know what is going where.  I realized I had a lot of empty space so guess what’s going there?  Yup, the much up that was the original design.  It can fill in some dead spaces.


Now the hard part.  Not hard just tedious.  I am sure after I have these all over the house I will finally be able to do this step quick.  But for now its tedious.

The finished product.


It looks much better.  I will have to take more photos later so you can get a better look.  Oh and I did mess up the bottom 2 lines, you know, the ones I added on.  I have to straighten out some of the letters….tomorrow….he he he you know he have a lot of tomorrows to fix some of our crafty ideas.

And if I could just get this ceiling done I will be on a roll.  I have to admit I been working on it.  I keep having problems getting the conduit cut though.  That’s my story, its the truth so I am sticking to it..

Do you like the new view?

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