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Shopping gal decal

So I been in the shopping mood…you know it being Christmas and all,  and I have this blank spot on my wall screaming for something to fill it.  While I was searching for images on another project I found this one:


I do not shop in Gucci stores, hell I don’t even know where one is but I liked the image.  I  wanted to personalize my design so I headed on over to Macy’s website and downloaded their image.  Macy’s is my store because that is where the magic happens…


I turned the design and pasted in on the bag right over Gucci and pulled the layer to the top.  I tried to make the grey coat darker and I figured this was dark enough that I can fix further with filters.  WRONG…I tried it and wasted 2 feet of vinyl..

macys first try

I went back to my program… Microsoft Image Composer,  to fix my image..  It is no longer on the market but it is the easiest program to use.  It really makes me feel like I can do a little something something.  I can’t figure out how to use paintshop so I have preserved my copy of image composer with my dear life.  I have copies of it everywhere at home and work and every flash drive I own lol.


I blackened out the gray areas by pasting on back patches to cover up the gray.  I also deleted a lot of details in this manner, trying to make the design simpler.  I did that on purpose.  Notice I also gave her a makeover.  I straightened her hair, made her eyelashes longer and made the boots over the knee boots…she is more like me now

I made my workspace 12×24 and did the trace.  Note that once you apply your filters to fill in the area you have to enlarge it to make sure you got most of the dots out or every dot will be cutout


clean lines

For this particular piece my settings are

clean line settings

I have one piece of vinyl left that I can use.  ONLY ONE PIECE PEOPLE…WHAT AM I GOTING TO DO??

I cut my design out and released the black background..  I laid out my masking tape on top of the design.


I pulled the design off the Contact backing and onto the masking tape.



then I taped it on the wall and began to peel it off using one of my old drivers licenses.


It was harder to do because the design was so big then duhhhh it hit me.  Release the design by removing one piece of tape at a time.  That worked like a charm and was MUCH easier to than to do than doing it in one solid piece.


This was an easy project to do.  It is on the wall beside my bedroom door and it makes me smile every time I leave my room.  I can not see it any other time.  Somehow I lost a piece of her face though.  LOL …I still like it… a shopping woman with no mouth.   LOL


Do you have a Silhouette and have you done projects like this?

Okay I have a big project I will be working on.  A reverse stencil project.

Stand by!!

Feel free to comment here

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