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for Towels n Stuff

Okay so I have no linen closet in here and my stuff in my laundry room is all over the place.  I clean it up and a few days later I am back to this and that corner was screaming for something to relieve me of this problem.


I went to TROSA thrift store and found this cabinet and you will not believe the price.  WHAT??

IMG_0576  IMG_0579

It needed a bit of work.  There was no buying this piece and using it as is.  The top had all these screw holes in in


and the bottom had no holes for legs.


I had some refrigerator casters I decided to put on.  I purchased them for 50 cents a long time ago and never had anything to use them on.  When I say a long time ago I mean like 10 years ago.  LOL.  I knew they would come in handy one day.  I had to drill holes in the bottom and that was easy enough.  Now that it had legs it was good.  I  filled the holes with wood putty,  sanded it lightly with a fine sanding block then primed it.  I wanted to etch the glass because I did not want the clear glass to show all my junk.  I taped some stripes in the glass and put a monkey stencil on it.


Well I did not read far enough in the directions that the etching cream does not work well on large surfaces and I totally messed up my glass. I tried putting it on more than once but it did not take.  I will spare you the details and photos.

I scraped what I could off on the glass and revamped my plan.  I purchased Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass spray paint and sprayed it on and added some cut out letters letting everyone know this was for towels and stuff.


I started to write towels and junk but then I might be tempted to fill it with junk.  Defeats the purpose, ya know what I mean?    I need reminders like this as I get older cause I swear I can’t find anything any more.  At first I thought the frost did not take because I sprayed and the glass looked clear.  I sprayed a few minutes later, still clear.  I shook up the can real good and sprayed again…still clear.  WTF.  Finally I left it alone  and walked away from it.  About 30 minutes later I glanced at it and it was frosted.  It sprays on clear then dries frosted.  Duhhhh. Patience grasshopper.

When I opened the cabinet I found I had gotten some paint on the inside.  I wet my fine sanding block and scrubbed it off.  It came right out.

IMG_0595 IMG_0597

I love the way the glass feels and looks.  I need to find another excuse to use this spray!!




Total project price:

Cabinet         4.99
wheels           .50
paint           2.99  Color is Valspar Homestead Resort Parlour Rasberry) used 1/2 the bottle
wood putty   1.50
vinyl           1.00 (est. usage)
Drum roll please… $10.98


Do you shop for furniture pieces and then revamp them?

2 thoughts on “for Towels n Stuff

  1. This is brilliant! I love thrifting for furniture but after my boys turned 2 I stopped bc they demolished everything. They are 15 and 16 now and a soon as they turn 18 I’m kicking them out, gutting the house and starting over!


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