Pantone Color of the Year (2015) and my bathroom

Have you ever saw something that you automatically blew off without a thought but then later you found you could not get it off your mind? That happened to me in the last few days.  I been going through this creative thing lately and I been checking blogs and Pinterest for inspiration.  I read a blog about Pantone’s new color of the year, “Marsala”,  and quite frankly I was not really impressed…


Then I went in my cabinet to put my paints away from my latest project and what did I see?  I had already purchased a sample bottle of a color VERY similar to Marsala sometime within the last 6 months. hmmm…strange that I did not remember that.   I laughed it off. Today I was looking for ideas and I decided I am going to try to find a vanity to put in my bathroom.  Something like this…


But I wanted it to be a cheerful color with a surprisepeek a boo

And I have this one blank wall that always annoys the hell out of me so I always put something up there but never really quite happy with it.  I decided to do a Warli/Kokopelli mural by hand.  Warli art comes from a small tribe in the mountains of India.  Warli paintings are just a way of expressing their joy, happiness or various aspects of life in simple shapes made up of a circle, triangle and/or a square. If you look at the Varli art, you can make out how easy it is to make it but has lots of expressions behind it. It is so simple yet has so much feeling to me.


I said my piece is going to be a combo of Warli/Kokopelli styes.  You are probably already familiar with Kokopelli as it is a South western US Native American art that can be found mostly  in bath departments all over.  Kokopelli  is a diety who resides over both childbirth and agriculture but also represents the spirit of music.  The last thing I need is a fertility anything so I choose to claim the agricultural and music aspects (if anything).  At present I have the Kokopelli shower curtain, curtain rings,  and rug.  Notice the similarities in desgin.  Although Kokopelli is not as simple as Warli, it is very close and I think will blend well into one concept.


I love the energy…

kokopelli-tattoo-design kokopelli5 kokopelli1 Right now my paint colors in my bathroom are a mustard yellow with one black wall.  I hated the colors since I painted but I had no desire to repaint “just because”,  but getting a new vanity is the perfect excuse to start over.  Since I cant trust myself to pick out my own colors I will be using a palette with colors put together by someone else.  This year apparently it’s going to be by Pantone.

According to Pantone “THE” 2015 color palette is:

pint pallett

and the colors in action

kok colorsinspiration

Yes, now that I look at it again… I quite like it.  It is romantic,soft and feminine.

So my new color scheme I am thinking of is

walls:           custard
mural wall:   marsalla
vanity:          Aqua Marine
Peek a boo
color on the
drawers:       a design with strawberry ice (I do love all shades of pink in case you haven’t noticed) and tangerine

Whatever I do I am sticking to the color palette…

Things I need  to accomplish this look:

  1. Buy a vanity (from TROSA or Everything but Grannies Panties Thrift Store)
  2. Get a ride to get said vanity home as I doubt it will fit in my back seat
  3. Buy a drop in sink
  4. Buy paint: 5 colors plus a flat white for the drawings
  5. Time and energy

Yes I have to do a hunt for the dresser and when I find it…it’s on like popcorn.  I most likely won’t be doing this until I am feeling better though. I suspect that will be around the end of Jan at best.  I am just giving you a heads up and since I am writing it, I will have to follow through with it.

Side note:  I just noticed that my couch is Marsala and my accent wall in my living room is very close to Lucite Green.  LOL

I guess I’m still remodeling.  I thought I was done…

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