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My Latest Thrift Shop Trip

Even though I am sick as all get out. I had to run an errand that could not be avoided so while I was out I decided to check out the thrift store.   Wait,  Let me tell you the back story before I continue…

When I was a little girl my grandfather had a beautiful black walnut bedroom set that included a vanity table. I  loved that vanity and all the while I was growing up he used to tell me that it was a part of my inheritance.  When he passed away his brother was living with him and he told me to take whatever I wanted but I felt like I could not take the bedroom suite while he was still living there so I said when he passed away, if he passed before me, I would get it then.  That was a KNOWN fact to everyone in the family.

Well fast forward a few years later (probably about 4 years) and my uncle became ill and his daughter moved him in with her, cleaned out the apartment and threw all the furniture away and then called me to tell me. I was quite upset, I mean beyond words upset.  I mean freaking out upset. Here I was making sure her father still lived with dignity by not swooping in like a vulture picking the apartment clean and they threw away my beloved bedroom set like trash, and not to mention the historical documents (my grandfather was the head of a union and he had a lot of correspondence between himself and historical people) and not to mention all the crap from my childhood.  Well I won’t go on and on about that, that was well over 20 years ago and I want to believe I am over it although right this very moment I am upset again.

For years I have been searching for a vanity, one that was within my budget, old and unique, and just like my grandfathers. None ever even came close.  NONE.

Back to the present… I was laying in the bed this morning looking around my bedroom thinking about what could I do to improve it.  My cousin is staying here for a week while he waits for his classes to start up again at college and I am thinking I have some muscles to help me out for a week so I better think of all the work I can think of. I came up with the idea of having him move my dresser across the room and putting a vanity in its place. YES.  I tried to go to TROSA first but they are closed today so I went to the Rescue Mission.  Besides I am pretty sure TROSA did not have a vanity. (I would have remembered that being that I have a mental inventory in my head of everything that is in the store.  LOL)

OK LET ME GET TO THE POINT!!!  So wordy!!  Seech!!

I go to the furniture section and right there I find this first


Cute!  I wish it had a heart on it rather than a club though.  I could say I was the queen of hearts ya know?  Not the queen of clubs. What’s a queen of clubs?  A party animal or a cave woman/man beater?   Nah, not me.  It was  in pretty good shape but second of all I do not have $89 to spend on a vanity.  Furniture was on sale at 25% off so that would be about $65 and I really did not have that either plus it was kind of big for my room and probably over bearing .  No …keep looking.  Then I found this one (and I guess you can see the photo is in my house and not the store).


The sign said


Minus 25% is hmmmmm $35? And why did I not see the chair?  I felt like I was getting seriously ripped off here.  I felt in the depths of my heart that for $35 I should get the chair as well but I did not see it.  I wanted to inquire but I was scared to move, scared that someone would steal my vanity. I kept my hand on it while I sent my cousin to get the clerk who apparanlty was not budging on the price nor was he looking for the chair.  He said it was a mistake, I said I don’t think so. Then there was another tag up there saying $40 and he said if he gave it to me for $40 I could not get the discount.  I tried to reason if there is another tag for $40 its probably because someone stole the chair or purchased it without the desk and they marked it down.  He was not hearing my pleas.  He was a hard nut to crack.  DAMN.

I gave in…

Oh I did not even show you the rest of the photos did I?  It is going to take some work to get this puppy in shape.

IMG_0624 IMG_0626 IMG_0625

Pretty bad shape and its going to be a job to restore.  I am kicking myself in the butt for not insisting on speaking with a manager.  Oh and you are probably wondering what those arms are for aren’t you.  That’s the beauty of it…the arms are for a skirt.  When you go to sit down at the table you open the arms like a queen.  I love it!!  As for the price…if I was going to flip it the price would be a good deal but I am not flipping it.  I want it for myself therefore I want a better deal.  I am going to call the store tomorrow and insist they find the chair ATLEAST.  I still have to strip, paint, buy fabric, buy tacks, the expenses are going to ADD UP…


The chair should look like one of these.

chair 2  chair

Oh and I also purchased two of these fans NOT ON SALE for $8 for both (rolling my eyes but couldn’t leave them cause they are so cute and so me)…


and this candle holder that was marked $9 but they only charged $4.50 because all “bric brac” was 50% off as long as it did not have a “D” on it which of course the fans was marked with a “D”.


and as you notice this covered my last sentences so I decided to take that part off the wall…  I did not like how it flowed anyway.


What do you think?  Am I a tight wad for thinking I should have gotten the table for about $15 which in actuality is three times the original price?  And what colors are dancing through your head for my table?

A quick search on Pinterest comes up with these ideas:

1 2 3 4

8 thoughts on “My Latest Thrift Shop Trip

    • I am so scared that I might make it look like an old fashioned mess but I have an idea for it that I hope works. Trying to decide on colors also. I want to do light but I think my idea will look best in a dark color. Arrgh… so nervous!!


      • What’s the worst that could happen?! It would be amazing if it could somehow have a dip-dyed / ombré effect on the fabric…I might try that with mine, in about a million years after I’ve worked through the project queue!

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  1. I did inherit my great-grandmother’s vanity which my mother has at some time painted green then antiqued. When we had the new master bathroom built there is a dedicated space for said “dressing table”. My sister inherited the needlepoint bench so I too am on the search for just the right seat. I don’t have a good picture. Of your Pinspirations I like the last one. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


    • I tossed and turned all night long last night about that seat and I am going back today to see if i can find it. I have to come up with a color scheme for my bedroom. I have dark rose as walls with brown trim white draped ceiling rose and tan chair black and white comforter black leather bed tan carpet what the hay it works i guess but it can be much better!! I wish the paint companies could let you pick a color and they suggest like 6 colors to use with it for color challenged folks like myself.


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