Call Me a Happy Camper

Part two of my thrifting trip….I went back to the thrift store to find the chair.. it was not there.  I asked to speak with the manager…I explained my case in detail and since the matching chair was not there I asked if I could get another chair that was “just sitting there”.  He said it was $11.  I gave him my puppy dog eyes, explained that I think I already overpaid, pleaded my case while coughing my head off  and he said okay okay…$5, then I had the nerve to ask if I could use my 25% off coupon and he reluctantly said yes.  I wanted to do the bugaloo and if I wasn’t still feeling so crappy I would have.

So here is my $4.03 after taxes chair.  I love haggling for some reason!!!


I am not sure how old it is.  When I flipped it over it had this tag on it.  Man people take that “do not remove this tag” threat seriously. LOL  I am thinking at least 1960’s.


It does need a little TLC.  Nothing wood glue and a clamp can’t fix though…



Some glue, some stripping, a little sanding, some paint and a new cushion and we are good as new!!

Now on another note…since I been home bound I been catching up on blogs that I been subscribed to for a while and finding new ones as well.  I am using a hot spot and on some pages it is so frustrating because the resolution of the photos is so high that the pages never fully load even using Google Chrome browser (which takes half the time and data usage of other browsers).  I have tried to fix that on my blog as a courtesy to my readers as I am just becoming aware of it.

Before (current size is referring to the viewing size in relation to the original):


Reducing the photo size down to “web large” drastically reduces the file size while keeping the integrity of the photo at a good size.  The photos I take from my cell phone come out 4 times the size it needs to be to display on my blog.



Oh and this is the color scheme and look I am aiming for in my bedroom with the rose on the wall rather than on the bed.  I have a black leather bed and my quilt is similar but it’s black and white vs burgundy and cream.  I  had to do that because I could not find the bed in dark brown.  I searched and searched the net for that baroque bedding set shown on the bed in the photo to no avail. The photo is advertising a Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Milady’s Chamber bed sold by Littlewoods in the UK. They have several duvet covers and bed in a bag sets but I could not find this particular one.  DARN IT

the look

I think my bedroom mood is romantic and has a touch of glamour (if I can ever get it right).  Whats your style and how far have you gone to put a room together?

3 thoughts on “Call Me a Happy Camper

    • I always imagine they cringe when I come in and my photo is hanging somewhere on a watch list…avoid talking to her at all costs because before you know it you will be giving away the store LOL. I always send them photos of my before and after and for a while some of my photos were hanging in the Goodwill store. I don’t know if they are still there because I don’t shop there that much amymore. Too expensive and not willing to haggle over prices no matter how good of a negotiation I present. I just can’t pay sticker price unless its to good to be true…


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