Happy New Years 2015!!!


Happy New Years everyone!!  I have been home for the last couple of weeks so I been catching up on my blogging and blog reading.  I had the nasty mean flu which turned into a nasty mean pneumonia.  I was “treated” by my local VA hospital quacks and I swear you put your life on the line dealing with residents who have Dr. in front of their name, and never actually seeing a REAL doctor.  So my flu turned into pneumonia and daily I thought I might be terminal or something…that’s how bad I felt. If it is possible to cough a lung inside out I think I have done that too. But today, the first day of the year, I am feeling better!!  YESSSSSSSS!!! I am now looking forward to a healthy new year and living.  I think I might survive.

Each year I make the same resolutions:

  • Be more organized
  • Lose weight
  • Get closer to God
  • Budget my money better
  • Use my passport
  • Get a better job with travel perks
  • Save money
  • Go to grad school

So lets just say those are ongoing goals as they have been the same for the last umpteen years.  Unfortunately I have not found that dream job yet, but I have to say I really like the job I am at now.  They just don’t appreciate me enough to give me huge annual bonuses, send me on fabulous trips, give me an expense account, and giving me all kinds of wonderful perks.    I don’t know what the government’s problem is…therefore I am looking.  So now it’s time to make some new resolutions:

  • Name my rooms.  I been reading on Let’s Face the Music (blog) where she (JO)  named her home and rooms.  Well I named my “estate”. Country Dreams.  Estate…lol more like a little cabin on a lot.  Okay so I named my yard and house Country Dreams…check,  But to name my rooms?  I love that idea but I would have to put some real thought into it.  I think my grandkids will get a real kick out of it.  Whatever makes them smile makes me smile… and it’s not that I have so many rooms.  Right now they are the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, living room, grandpas old room, my room and the kids game room.  <<YAWN>> so boring. I give myself a month, plus a year to remember to call them by their new names LOL.
  • Do this wall mural in my bathroom that I have been planning in my head ever since I got the fever from the flu.  I was going to get on that today before the motivation goes away,  and do a little each day but I went to get the paint… all excited to be using the Pantone colors of the year (2015) …. but I get to the store and they don’t even have it yet. What?  Are you kidding me?? That’s sooo messed up.  How could they be so cruel as to make me salivate over the new colors then don’t even have them ready?  HELLO…it’s 2015 already.  I called customer service to be super sugary nice and beg them to give me equivalent Valspar colors but it’s new years day and they are all off.  DARN.
  • Rearrange my bedroom, and paint all the furniture in it, finish my draped ceiling and FINALLY have a vanity to prepare myself for the day like any lady who has named rooms should.
  • Use this color palette EXCLUSIVELY for all the rest of my projects so my house will be all matchy matchy in a non matchy eclectic sort of way.

pint pallett

Except for my bedroom which I have been trying to come up with a color scheme then the thought hit me to use chipit on my photo.  Creative right?  I know I know.

color palette

  • THAT PALETTE WORKS!!  I love it for my bedroom and what better way to be connected to my bedroom?  LOL Is that vain of me to do?  Well no one will know but us.
  • Okay I have to mention get organized again.  I gave away half my house to the Rescue Mission, TROSA,  the Kidney Foundation and my nieces.  Now its time to whip this place in shape.  My house should not still be looking like my renovation is ongoing this year.  Not happening captain.  This is the year to be magazine picture perfect…at least for a day…okay long enough to take photos without having to move piles around.  I need to put all the tools in the basement or the barn or the shed, all the paint cans up, use up all the caulk tubes, get all the plastic wrapped paint brushes out of my fridge and have a place for everything.
  • Do some artistic treatment to the outside of my house.  Here is my inspiration:

flower house

I love that house.  It makes me curious as to who lives in it and what the inside looks like.  My goal in copying that idea?  Well when people see my house I want them to know an artist or a creative person lives here.  I painted it my favorite color (somewhere in the rose-ish pink family) and everyone knows my house.  “Oh YOU own that cute little pink house? Are you an AKA?”  I kid you not anytime I tell people where I live if they have traveled my road they know the house and have been following its progression.  They usually can tell me something significant I have improved, added on or how it was.  At first I thought that was creepy, being from New York and all, feeling paranoid the city is stalking me or something, but then it came to be a badge of honor as it really has come a long way from when I purchased it…and I think in a good way LOL.

  • Find a way to add an addition to my house on the cheap.  I need a master suite so I can give the grand kids my bedroom!!!  Since I can’t afford a proper addition, which according to Gardenweb will be about $40k, I was thinking of a modular unit somehow butted up to the house and tied in… but I am not sure my zoning will allow that.  If I can get it in here, tie it in and re-side it and make it look like its always been here  for less than $4k and before the city gets hip to what I am doing without a permit then haaaaay, I’m in the house.  Literally.  I thought I would put that out in the universe…ask and you shall receive…wait, I am really asking for the proper addition but if I can not get that THEN the modular unit.  I have to keep my wants straight with the universe.
  • and lastly I need to organize my basement better and throw out some of that junk down there.  its so creeeeepy.
  • wait…I have a last but not least,,,take all the metal I been stock piling to the junk yard.  Like before spring.  That money will go towards the yard.

You guys have a happy new year.  What resolutions do you have planned?

4 thoughts on “Happy New Years 2015!!!

  1. Wow, great goals. Thanks for the shout out here. FYI, my house (and all the others in the neighborhood) was named when I moved in. Glad you found THE color scheme. I knew there must be an app for that, I just didn’t know what it was. Happy, happy, New Year. Jo @ Le’s Face the Music.


      • Maryland in a designated historic district of mostly 1880s Victorians. My house, however, was built in 1946. It was not historic when the district was so designated but now, being over 50 years old, it falls under the general guidelines. Jo


      • I have been reading your blog for about 2 years now off and on and I always thought Michigan for some reason. LOL MD would have never been my guess. I love love love historic houses especially Victorians. I lived in one in Rhode Island and nothing beats the style of houses and the colors!! My house now is also old, being built in 1940 but it was a log cabin hand built and is total opposite in every imaginable way of a Vistorian, It drives me craazy but for some reason I love this little box. Also be glad that you are not included in the 1880’s historic because the guidlines can be so limiting and depends on your local board as to how much of a pain they can be. Although I think you are trying to remain true to design.

        Nice chatting Happy New Year!!


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