The Boudoir- My 1st Named Room

I know the name of the room is not original but my Grandma called her bedroom the boudoir, and she named some other rooms as well, but I will reveal them later.   I didn’t even remember that until I started thinking of names.  So in memory of my sweet Grace who like to call herself Graciela, I now pronounce my bedroom is  The Boudoir.

What I am about to share with you is very personal and intimate…this is raw, this is real ,this is a mess,  this is the reality of renovating and this is embarrassing. But we are friends right? And our posts are supposed to be real and about progress, and about someone finding you on Google who has the same problems and you sharing your ideas on how to resolve them, and sometimes you have to post ugly stuff to be real…. and this is why I don’t let many people I know read my blog LOL…

Within the last three years I practically gutted my house and was doing a lot of my own work.  If I had hired a professional this junk would have been finished two years ago and my house would be picture perfect by now but since I did it on my own I had tools and paint laying every where and confusion galore. It gets old and tiring after a while and until you have company or take photos for your blog you start to not even notice it as much anymore.  Its like tuning out kids when they are arguing about silly stuff.

Before photos with a key


1-supplies for my unfinished ceiling
2-My chair that I use to dump my work bags and scarves and never sit in (isn’t that what bedroom chairs are really for?)
3-Laundry basket


4- the lamp my neighbor gave to me after I begged her for it.   I have found no where to put it as of yet
5-Rubbermaid nightstand with sewing supplies and manuals for stuff in the house.


6- My other Rubbermaid nightstand that I covered in fabric
7- my portable office
8- unpacked boxes or packed boxes, whichever you prefer
9- my Vacuum


10- perfume shelf
11- More sewing patterns


12- Media cabinet housing VCR tapes (but I have no VCR) and a stereo for those romantic moments in life.
13- My mail bin
14- flower pot with the hardware for the rest of my ceiling
15- The dresser I am thinking of painting
So there you have the before shots. Please don’t judge me. I am working hard to get this place in shape!!

Junky right?  U rearranged and cleaned it up.   Of course my new room offers more projects LOL

So here is the thing. My bedroom is in what was originally the living room, thus the fireplace.  I had a chimney sweep come in and clean it and I used it once.  The next day when I got home from work my house smelled like fire so I never used it again.  I decided to block it by moving my bed there and since my bed has a deep headboard I put all the extra pillows up there.  I like this much better!  I also moved a table that was just sitting in the corner beside the bed.  The table is a little nightstand for the bed and a side table for the chair.   I plan on painting it very soon.


You might wonder how  I moved this heavy bed.  I didn’t…but if I did I would have used my moving men.  They make moving things a breeze, just put them under the legs of your furniture and slide that baby where you want it.  Men can use them too, with no shame in their game LOL.


How did I solve the problem of keeping the chair empty?  Well on one of my thrifting trips I found this little thing.  I call it a thing because I don’t know what its original intent was but for my purposes I will be hanging my work bags and my pocketbooks and scarves on it.  I made a new years resolution to use the chair to sit in and not to throw stuff on.


Like my Kenzo third eye bag hanging on the thing?  It was a present and I love it but no one has commented on it at all so I suspect I am the only one who likes it.  It’s okay if you don’t because I love it and I don’t like those over commercialized Michael Kors bags with the huge MK on it that EVERYONE and their Momma seem to love because it was on sale.


I left my dresser here because I thought that would be a perfect spot to put my laundry basket (on the right) because it is hidden from the door. I dragged out my nightstand from the kids music room and put it by the bed since I finally have room for it.


The problem with that is that all my stuff is on the shelf and I like it there so it makes sense that the vanity should go here.


So I moved it to where the bed used to be and rearranged the wall behind it.IMG_0688

Here is where the vanity will go (where the mirror is).  Notice I put up another floating shelf in the corner and I have my 1960’s tension-rod lamp up although it needs to be repaired and painted.



When I vacuumed the floor I happened to take the register off the floor vents and found this.  Eewl.  I guess I better put vacuuming the vents  on my cleaning list.  No wonder I can’t breathe with all this mess floating in the air every time the AC or heat kicks on!!




In front of the chair I decided to use these small tables I had in the corner as a plant table with a new tabletop.  YES I can finally get some plants up in this joint errr I mean my boudoir.  I need to talk like a lady more often LOL.  More on the table in a separate post  and yes those are towels on the floor.  I was priming the new top, but like I said, more on that later.



Well that’s all for now.  Working on that New Years list!!  Have you accomplished anything this year yet?  and if you renovated how long was your process or how long has your process been going on?


8 thoughts on “The Boudoir- My 1st Named Room

  1. Love “The Boudoir”. I agree about the fireplace. A fireplace in a bedroom always sounds like a cozy idea unless you’d like to breathe fresh air while you sleep. It’s difficult to tell from photos but it appears the rearrangement works. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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