WordPress Lesson: Your Profile Photo

So I have shared people’s profiles and each follow has a button on the right side of my page with the top ones being the most recent.  Some of these blogs only have the WordPress logo and some have photos.  If you want more followers then know people are more apt to click on your thumbnail based on their curiosity of wondering what your page is about after seeing the thumbnail.

Now think….which would you rather click on?  Remember your photo is a window into your site

wordpress   woman india   male  mendhi   woman


It dawned on me this evening that some people might not know how to change it.  So I am here to tell you… it’s pretty easy.  If you are logged into your WordPress account go to your profile  and there you can fill in your profile info and add a photo.  It is that easy!! Oh and it does not have to be a photo of you, it can be anything that you feel represents your blog.

Hope that helped someone and happy blogging.  I am really happy with the blogs that I am following.  Good reading people!  Check them out when you have an extra minute and perhaps they will see you visited them in their stats and they will check you out as well!!

Did this help you in any way?

Feel free to comment here

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