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Reverse Stenciled Table with a Tulle Skirt Reveal (with a re-cap)

As you know,  I started with two tables I got from Walmart a few years ago.  I wanted this to be the base of my table. This is one of them.


Then I purchased a 2’x4′ board from the store that messed up my toe, (Lowe’s), laid it on top and then primed it.  I purchased chip board and put a layer of laun on it but you can skip that if you decided to do this project, and just buy the hardwood piece.  It cost the same as the chipboard +  laun and is a lot less work!!!  But it’s up to you.  After priming with my blue gray primer, I painted with Valspar Jekyll Club Cherokee tan.


I copied a design from my comforter and used it to cut out a stencil on my Silhouette Cameo.


I  applied it to the table.  I realize it is not exact but that was a happy mistake.


NOTE: If you decide to do this project make sure your base coat and primer dries for  24 hours between coats before putting on your stencil or your stencil will pull up the color when you remove it!! Ask me how I know…

IMG_0743       IMG_0742



Then I painted over the whole thing with Valspar’s  Antique Burgundy.  This color was recommended by my color consultant at Valspar named SUE and she is great.  She recommended this color and Heirloom Red.  Once the color dried I fell in love with the Antique Burgundy!!!  It is so deep and it matches my walls so well.  I let the first coat dry, then applied a second coat

IMG_0737      IMG_0739



While the second coat was still wet I removed the stencils.  I used a straight pin to get it started.



I used a small flat artist type paint brush to clean up any areas that need going over or filling in and it came out pretty good.  I was worried for a minute there.



I then put 3 coats of poly on it.

I was going to try to dye some fabric but I don’t have anywhere to do that and I was scared!  I was going mad trying to figure out how to finish this table then I happened upon this video

I went to JoAnn’s and found a 9″ roll of 50 yards of tulle in Ivory made by Wyla for $2.97 per roll.  There were only two left in Ivory so I grabbed them both.


Excuse the wrinkled up label but I forgot to take a photo and I had to dig it out the garbage.  (ewwl)

I did more than half of my table when I ran out of tulle.  I ran out to Walmart to see if they had it since I got the last in JoAnn’s and none of the other stores had any in Ivory, according to the website.  No, Walmart only sells the sparkly tulle, and only in 10 yard rolls and no ivory at all.  Lose, lose, lose.

Hancocks fabric store 1584  had the same brand tulle but theirs was on  6″ rolls  of 100 yards and they were $12.50 each!!   Also made by Wyla.  I decided to see if it was more economical to buy it on a bolt by the yard since it was on sale for $1.97 a yard and the bolted tulle was 102″ wide.  She calculates on the calculator and tells me I would have to buy 33 yards to equal a roll.  33 x $1.97?  I don’t think so.  When I got home and figured it out all I needed was 5 and 1/2 yards to equal one roll and all I really needed was half that amount to finish my table.  My luck ran out! Thanks sis.  😦

Anyway it takes 20 minutes to cut and put on a 50 yard bolt  of 9″ tulle and 100 yards covers 5′ if using pieces about 44″ long.  I have no idea how much I used of the 6″ roll since I have MORE THAN HALF of it left.

I did not use any fabric behind the skirt as recommended by the video.  I am sure it will look fuller with fabric behind it but it is fine like this.  My junk is hidden and that’s all that counts.

I used a Easy Shot staple gun I purchased on sale at Lowe’s for $5.95.  It worked pretty decent.  The staple remover came in handy also.


I used my curtain tie back for the trim.  I had to take it apart.  If you decide to do this know that the rope is all one piece so make sure before you cut it you check to make sure you are cutting the long piece not the piece near the tassel.  Ask me how I know.


Also make sure you use sharp scissors to cut the rope so it won’t fray and you should seal the ends by dabbing on some super glue to make sure it never frays.  Dollar store has one-use tubes and it comes with 5 tubes per pack (for a dollar).

After I stapled the trim I added some glue as it is my intention to remove the staples after the glue dries.  I also purchased this glue from the dollar store.


I should have purchased two tubes as I ran out.  I put the glue behind the trim and behind the tulle band.  It takes a bit to dry but it does eventually turn clear.

So now I wait for the glue to dry and then I will remove the staples behind the trim.  I will leave the staples in the tulle as it can’t be seen.  I had to add a few more staples after I took the photo to make sure the tulle band on the right was flat.  (Photos either cover all flaws or reveal them).  I did not retake photos as I am laying in bed typing out this post.  It takes longer to type out the post than it does to do the project LOL.  In some of these photos the glue is still wet so it looks white.  sorry.

IMG_0758  IMAG0499IMG_0756 IMAG0501 IMAG0500

My grandson came over and said Nanna did you realize your table matches your bed?  LOL… I love that kid!!

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