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What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

I have been out thrifting, and collecting materials for my projects  as normal.  I am not sure for how many days in a row but it has been a lot.  I must say, the thrift store fairy has been very kind to me.  And I am not bragging I am just happy about it.  I visited the Rescue Mission, TROSA, Goodwill, the Dollar store,  the other TROSA and lastly Jo Ann’s, which I actually found some stuff in there on clearance….Thank you universe!!  Today I also went out in my shed and found my craft stash.  Note to self…the grand kids must NEVER see this.

Today I was in  TROSA  bartering my butt off trying to get a good deal on this cute chair that I have now decided will be going with my vanity and I was feeling pretty darn good about the good luck I been having lately.  Then the phone rang.  It was wet noodle Heleema, my baby sister.  So here I am, obviously excited, babbling excitedly how I found this cute chair to go with my vanity and how when I picked it up it practically fell apart in my hands so I took all the screws out (so nothing will break even more) and  then I convinced the guy to mark it down to $3.99 because I would have to do so much work to it….and he did it!! And then she asks me:  What the hell is wrong with you lately?  A bit of confused uneasy  silence passes …then I reply what do you mean?  I was thinking she was going to pounce on me about always having to bargain for a deal.  But noooo,  she starts preaching about how I am always crying broke and perhaps if I stay out the damn thrift stores I will probably have some money.    hello?  hello?  I must have lost my signal so I hung up.

Nothing is wrong with me.  The universe is helping me to fix up my cottage silly, haven’t you been paying attention???  What’s wrong with that?

The universe helped me find:

7 yards of the perfect fabric for  $1.99 NOT  per yard but $1.99 total for all 7 yards!!  and get this…its already hemmed!!  It must have been a table runner at a wedding or something.  (Rescue Mission)

A set of Waverly valances (you know that means I did not get it out of TROSA because they don’t believe in selling sets and their individual curtains are $5.99) $3 for the set (Rescue Mission)


a piece of heavy foamy fabric I can use on my chairs as a cushion $1.99.  There is another piece of fabric in that bag…same price. (TROSA)


The $3 chair (TROSA)


A leather covered wine bottle from Italy.  Okay so I did not NEED this but I like it so I got it.  I think it was $2 (TROSA)


A Cuisinart Rice Cooker I been wanting for a while now.  They were asking $5.50 for it but then I saw a sign on the register saying no reasonable offer refused so I asked him if he would take $4 for it…just for the hell of it,  and he said yes  (Rescue Mission)  YES!!  I really did need this.


a ball of yarn I don’t need but it was only a quarter  and it’s pretty


a candle holder that was marked $2 but on sale for 1


and 4 tassel curtain tie backs.  I love tassels I have them hanging everywhere in my house.  And these are all sparkly. $2.50 for all (Rescue Mission)


There’s more and now I am listing them I am embarrassed and I think I know what sis meant. I guess before I went out today I should have went thorough my mail that has been piling up unopened since I been sick.



I got the fever!  Thrifting and creative fever.

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