OMG I had to share this

Every once in a while I come across something that literally blows me away. I mean straight to Kansas blows me away.

Tonight, I renewed my tablet data and was able to visit thebigredbarn website.  The first post I read they were sharing a project from Between the Sheets and my jaw is still on the floor.

Look at this before photo

and the after:


Is that not absolutely  drop dead amazing?

Her blog is really about scrap-booking and I checked out some of her pages and now realize my scrapbook pages ain’t doodly squat in comparison.  And no I am not showing you even my best scrap-book page.  I am embarrassed.

If she did that with her caddy you can only imagine what she did with her pages right?  I mean what would you expect from someone who creates pages that look like this?  (click on it to see the details)

Here is a link to check her out.  I never ever share people’s blog posts like this but I was so floored I had to let you guys see it as well!!

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