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Show Stopper

I refuse, and I mean I A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y frick-fracking REFUSE to start another  project until I get this frick-fracking vanity table finished, so I can work on the frick-fracking chair that goes to it, so I can finally sit in my boudoir in the morning and apply my makeup while drinking a cup of tea, (with pinky out, legs crossed) and  while watching the news like any proper lady should do.  Yes I am trying to be a lady these days and that’s why I use frick-fracking instead of _________ (and no it does not rhyme with bucking, I don’t have a potty mouth thank you; however, you can fill in the blank with any  other f word that is an adjective).

And yessssss I now have TV and nooooo I did not give in to cable.  I discovered a digital antennae that works on my tele for $14 BUT? I have no idea what channel airs what show.  No matter, I don’t need to watch TV for anything but the morning news, all it does is slowly fry my brain, getting me closer and closer to total dementia AND it runs up my light bill!!   Anyway back to this vanity problem.

First of all I got stuck trying to figure  out how I was going to finish it.  Then I got a grand idea which involves  fabric, black tulle,  super shiny sequins, tassels trim, some sewing and some gluing.  I am anxious to finish it because I finally figured out how to do my Moroccan Wedding blanket and I want to start that project NOW. But patience grasshopper, finish one project at a time.

  • I pulled out my fabric.  I have enough.  Check
  • I know where my trim is, check
  • I know where my thread is.  uncheck, 😦 but I will find in a minute, all I have to do is tear apart my room, craft drawers, craft dresser and last resort the basement.  It’s around here somewhere.
  • Whip out the sewing machine, check.   I keep reminding myself I can do some embroidery on it if I can only learn how to use it but I plug it in and the whole thing looks foreign to me.  What the hay? But then the saving grace is that I remember I have a manual for it BUT  I tear through my room, craft drawers, craft dresser and last resort the basement. NOTHING.  Darn it!!!  Must be outside in the shed packed in one of those boxes.  I have to remember to unpack the shed.  But unpacking the shed seems so final.  I will buy more thread and look up how to stitch a straight line online tomorrow…

And now because of the bulleted drama above the project is over for the night.  And this is why it takes me so long to finish somethin…it’s a time ruiner (is that a real word?) .  Anyway I need to work on my taxes (more depression). sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I would like to do a poll at this time…Do you have all your tools and/or crafting stuff together and how long does it take for you to get started on a project?

8 thoughts on “Show Stopper

  1. Getting ready for a project usually takes me more time than the actual project. And woebetide if I have to stash the project away part the way through. So difficult to pick up where I left off. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  2. I can NEVER find everything I need to complete a project without a certain amount of ‘frick-fracking’… which is why I haven’t published today – I had to go to town to buy stuff I thought was within reach and that took longer than it should! x Nikki over at Big Red Barn

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