Thrift store finds

I Only Went to Buy a Mirror…

I went to the TROSA thrift store today to purchase a mirror to go on my vanity.  Just a mirror.  I walked in the store as if I had tunnel vision and looked for the mirror but every mirror I saw was way too big.  I couldn’t find my tape measure before I left but I measured it a different way.  It could be no wider than my arm (arm pit to finger tips) and no taller than my forearm (fingertips to elbow) so I walked over to the counter borrowed their tape measure, measured my arm while they looked on with a “what the hell is she doing” expression on their faces, and then told the guys I need a mirror, gave them the size I needed and pleaded for help finding it…”you know if I walk around in here I am going to buy something I don’t need but I DO NEED  this  mirror, then I HAVE to get out of here as I HAVE to preserve my money to pay my bills today”.  They laughed and directed me back to where I already looked and to the front where I had not yet looked.

In the front  I found some blinds for my window but I put them back as fast as I picked them up.  I came in here for a mirror and a mirror only and dammit I am not buying anything else, I argued to my self.  I still did not see one so  I walked aimlessly around knowing I would eventually find it.  I was touching the $5 I have in my pocket, remembering this is all I can spend, and rubbing my debit card in the other pocket as if it were a Jeanie that was going to produce this mirror.  I am kind of in a twilight right now thinking about how I spend too much money in here, even with the deals…then I spotted a small white plate.  I snapped out of my fog and came back to life excited because I  need one of those.  Really.  I was looking for one in the dollar store just yesterday but they did not have any I liked.  It’s like the universe FINALLY heard my plea.  A day late but hey.

I picked up the plate feeling grateful.  As I was about to walk away I spotted its twin, okay so my daughter probably needs one as well.  WHAT?  Do I spot a triplet?  I cannot separate matches and besides my ex daughter-in-law might need one too.  They like my projects and everyone appreciates a gift.  Prices?  49 cents each for the plates and 99 cents each for the do-dads.  I ran to the line to get out of there before I saw something else.  I get in line and look longingly towards the books.  I know they probably have some new books over there as I see the shelves look fuller today.  THEN WHAT DID I SEE ON THE WALL BEHIND THE BOOKS???  MIRRORS!!!  So I run over there past the books.  I know you are thinking “any excuse to get near those books” but no, really…. I don’t even look at them.  When I get to the mirrors there are three to choose from.  I buy the oldest one I see.  It will match my old vanity.  No price.  I know it is not over $5 so I skipped on over to the register  soooooo happy.  I put on my puppy dog eyes when I asked “how much?”.  He sized it up and priced it at $2.99!!.  Total $7 something.  YES!!  I did good!!

Now on to my Saturday Project!

Aren’t these cute?

Elephant, but the trunk is broke…

IMAG0582   IMAG0587

Rabbits with baby duck  but the ears are broke…

IMAG0585 IMAG0586

And   rabbit family that is perfect.


The bottom of them say made in China, which reminds me, I have to add China to my travel bucket list.  I bet they have a hellava good selection of thrift stores over there.

Supplies for my project:


  • 3 plates and a do-dad for each from my local thrift shop
  • Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic paint…I chose gold
  • 3M General Purpose adhesive spray
  • Lace pieces
  • E-6000 Industrial strength adhesive
  • Rust-oleum Specialty Lacquer- High Lustre Coating (clear)
  • self-adhesive foam weather stripping (you will see why later)

IMAG0590  IMAG0593  IMAG0592

I set up my paint station on the porch which consists of a towel, a tarp and a table…IMAG0594

Cut some lace out of a random curtain I purchased from TROSA that I thought one day I would find the match to…never did and one curtain is of no use.  Cut out three panels and sprayed with spray adhesive then applied them to the plates

IMAG0596 IMAG0595

Spray painted them and my do-dads with paint.


Took off the lace and let dry

IMAG0601 IMAG0600 IMAG0599

Turned the plates over and sprayed a coat on the back as well.


Let dry.

I painted a coat of lacquer on the back of the plates and on my do dads.


Holy Crap…the lacquer dulled the gold finish a bit, a noticeable bit, but I had no choice because if I tried to use those plates without a protective coat the paint would come right off….I am going to have to cc Rust-oleum on this post and let them know about that…both paints came from the same line so I thought it would shine the paint like water.  NOT.  When it dried I was okay with it as I had to be.

While I was out there I might as well put a coat of lacquer on this antique vase from India. It is rusted but I love the way it looks but I don’t want rust stains on everything.  I just sprayed the lacquer right on over it.  I don’t know what that will do to it but I guess we will see huh?


I applied the weather stripping to the bottom (that helps protect it from scratching my furniture).


I let them dry for a couple of hours.

I then glued the pieces together.  According to the instructions I should put a dab of glue on each side then wait 2 minutes before pressing the pieces together.  I did that.


Overall I am pleased with the results and they shine okaaaaaay.  I am keeping the elephant tray and giving the other two away.

IMAG0616 IMAG0619 IMAG0621

And since I have the paint out…I have a few more things I can give the midas touch to…

IMAG0608 IMAG0609 IMAG0612


Did you do any quick projects this weekend?

One thought on “I Only Went to Buy a Mirror…

  1. This post is exactly why I can seem to pare down my belongings. Even things that don’t immediately have a purpose could be put to good and attractive use with a few spritzes of spray paint. Good job. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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