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How to hang a heavy mirror for $2

I like old stuff because  old stuff was built to last.  That meant it was heavy and by today’s standards more expensive to make.  Tonight I wanted to hang my new GOLD mirror.  It has a wood frame and a wood back (vs a cardboard back).  It is pretty heavy and the last thing I want is for it to come crashing down on the floor.

The wire on the back of the mirror was situated for it to hang vertically but I want it to hang horizontally.  I could buy a kit for $5 in the store but I opted the cheaper route.  I purchased some steel wire out of the dollar store


This is going to be quick and easy

Mark the location of your screws.


Screw in your screws but don’t screw them all the way in.  I used 3/4″ screws.


Wrap some wire around one screw, I opted for 4 times around the screw,  then I went back and forth between screws until I had 5 strands of wire.




I twisted the end around the wires to make it as one strand.


I added more wire so that the whole wire would be wrapped.  Make sure the ends are not sticking out.  You can clamp them down with a pair of pliers.


Holding the wire taunt I tightened the screws.  I added some weather stripping above and below the screws.  It protects against the frame damaging the wall.

And thats it.  I use two screws in the wall and hook the wire over the screws.  You should try to get one of the screws in a stud and use and anchor with the other.  I don’t have to go thorough all that as I have knotty pine beneath my drywall.  I can hang anything anywhere in here.  Loving it!

Have you ever thought of using weather stipping to protect walls and furniture?



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