Still have the Midas Touch

Remember yesterday I told you I purchased a mirror from the TROSA thrift store? Well oddly enough it had a sticker on it with a name on it.
I won’t type the name just in case he has a Google alert on his name. I don’t want him to know I Googled it. Yes I Googled him! I Google everyone. Not sure why. I got the habit from doing it on my job. Well actually, my supervisor got me in the habit. She Googles everyone and then can piece together pieces of their lives…marriage, divorce etc. and tell a story about them. I am not as good as she is with it. Anyway looking him up it said: I am an ecologist and ecotoxicologist with interests in the impact of human activities, particularly the release of toxic substances, on organisms at the individual, population, and community levels. Now that’s weird. Call me paranoid if you want, but I immediately went into disinfectant mode. Then I decided to paint it with my gold paint to make sure the surface was safe to touch.
So that is what got me started on the painting today. So let’s summarize what I have painted…
The mirror.
IMAG0634 IMAG0635


Sterilite Drawers. I use these to store things like my perfume purse sprays, bobby pins, and other small things that I have no where else to store without creating a junk drawer.

IMAG0612 IMAG0614


and together they look like this


I had a lazy susan that was just wasting space in my kitchen cabinet. I painted it and now I use it to hold my lotions and nail polishes. I put rubberized shelf liner on each level so that my stuff won’t slide all over the place.

IMAG0631 IMAG0636

I have a rosewood coaster. I took the wood legs off because they scratch and put the weather stripping on it to make sure it does not damage my furniture.

IMAG0609 IMAG0658 IMG_0800

I also painted the light my neighbor gave me. Just the pole. I wrapped each globe with saran wrap so I won’t paint them. When I took it to the porch it did not reach the roof so I used my watering can to make up the distance. Now the bottom of the watering can is gold…might have to paint it as well.

IMAG0629 IMAG0630 IMAG0632

The reason it is so short is because I had to take a section out. My ceilings are only 7’ (the old code) and with the full pole in place it is too tall so I removed a section and now its too short. I put it on my speaker. Together they look like this


I also painted the hearts I purchased from the thrift store.

When I painted them the paint was running bad so I took a damp sponge and lightly swiped across the wood against the grain. I love how it came out. It gave some added texture. I use them for the kids remotes and my perfumes.

IMAG0608 IMAG0611


IMAG0646 IMAG0647


Went to the thrift store on a Monday, forgetting it is closed on Monday’s. There was a guy out there that had an old stereo in a cabinet and he was pissed he brought it up there on the day they were closed. I asked him if I could have the cabinet. He said yes and he was VERY happy I wanted it. He said it contained an 8track stereo and it all worked perfectly and he added some tapes of Chaka Khan and Rufus. Then he told me all I needed to do was put some furniture wax on it and it would be good as gold. The bottom of this thing is falling apart because it is pressed wood and I did not have the heart to tell him that I was going to gut it and the stereo would be added to the scrap metal pile and the speakers will be book shelves for the kids. I bet he goes home and gloats to his wife that someone gladly took it off his hands as I am sure by how proud he was of it that he was forced to get rid of it. Probably held fond memories of his bachelor days.


I did gut it and then when I was in the painting groove I wondered how it would look gold so I painted some on it. I liked it.


My daughter came over and I told her about my idea of painting the cabinet gold. She said “Ummi, I don’t mean any harm but step away from the paint… NOW!”

What? Why? I was a little surprised. She said there is such a thing as going overboard. Stop now while you are ahead she advised.


I told her I have half a can of paint left. What am I supposed to do with that? She said to put it away in case I need it for touch ups later. All I could think while she was talking is that “it’s starting”. The day has come when the daughter thinks she is the mother and the mother accepts it.

I did not give her the tray I made for her yesterday. If she doesn’t like it, it might hurt my feelings. After she left I was going to paint the watering can anyway but I couldn’t find the paint. I think she took it and just wanted the paint for herself so she can get the Midas touch in her house. I am buying another can of it in a few days.

Have you ever got happy with something that you thought was nice but others might have looked at as being an obsessive-compulsive trait?

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