Thrift store finds

Finally finished the vanity and chair!!

Remember I went to the thrift store and found a chair for my kidney shaped vanity table from the 1940’s?


Then I started fixing it by gluing all the joints together?


Then I went to the thrift store again and found this one for $2.99?


It is a little bigger but I liked it better for my vanity.  It looks like it is from the same time period…the roaring 40’s.

I started taking the fabric layers off the chair.  Obviously previous owner did not believe it taking layers off,  they just added layers on.  So let’s see what we have shall we?  Some of the layers look loose because I have taken them off already and I just put them back on for the photos.

IMAG0681 IMAG0682 IMAG0683 IMAG0685

I don’t like any of them as they did nothing for the chair.  The bottom layer was on with staples but the upper layers had upholstery tacks.


I was afraid of getting stuck by the tacks and staples as they were a tad bit rusty and I don’t want to get tetanus.  I always get my tetnus shots on time because of all the “construction” work I do… but now I don’t trust it.  Why? Because I got my flu shot and my pneumonia shot but that did not stop me from getting  the flu and a bad case of pneumonia.   The last thing I need is lockjaw or a “grotesque, grinning expression” although the lack of appetite might be useful.  Anyway, I used pliers to remove what I could.    The photos don’t show how disgusting that fabric was. Every layer of it.  I dared not smell it…although I wanted to.  Ewwl.

When I got all the fabric off I found cotton batting for padding.  I wonder how many farts this padding had to endure, but I still dared not smell it.  No no no.

IMAG0687 IMAG0688

I had to clean the wood.  It was pretty filthy.


I tried using degreaser but there was no difference although the rag was pretty nasty looking.  I tried to find my super stripper but I put it somewhere and I have no idea where it is.  Tonight it’s  -1 degrees (F) outside so guess who is NOT going in the shed to look?  I decided to clean it with  TSP instead.  That got me some better results.  I also glued in all the pegs and the corner supports.


I decided I will paint it with chalk paint since they claim no prep is needed when using it.  Remember I did a review on milk paint vs chalk paint?  I decided I would be making my own chalk paint to match the vanity table.

After the glue dried I sanded it down a bit.  Despite my daughters threats I spray painted the spindles gold and I am LOVIN IT.

I watched a zillion videos on Youtube and picked this one to share with you on how to mix your own chalk paint.  Although he does not give you specific measurements he does tell you when you have the right consistency.  That was good enough for me.

I mixed my paint but not without incident…


They never said how to handle a situation where a dweeb like myself puts the frick fracking plaster in the paint by accident, instead of in the cup.

I added a little water, then added the plaster mixture, covered it and shook it like hell.  It came out okay.  I think.

I used my favorite 2″ chip brush.  I always use these for painting FURNITURE (never walls).  I went ahead and purchased a whole packet of 12 from the big box store at a “contractor’s” price





My paint came out the consistency of pancake batter although as I was painting it got thicker.  I  was loving it.    I could only paint half the chair at one time so I closed the bottle to let the chair dry.  The paint dried pretty quickly but I let it dry a few hours.


When I opened the paint hours later, the paint was just like it was when I closed it.

Between coats I wrapped the brush up in a food lion grocery bag. It kept.  Usually you can preserve brushes by wrapping them in plastic bags but know that the cheap chip brushes can get hard, even in the bag, after a day or so.  That’s why they are so cheap….because they are disposable!

I put a total of two to three coats on the chair then I put a coat of clear poly. I was not thrilled with the finish but I am not disappointed with it either.




After I painted it I put a couple of layers of foam on the chair…. .  I covered it with my fabric that matches my wall by stapling it  but I did not like it so I cut a table runner and added it on top.   I stapled everything on the back.  I was still not happy with it.




I wondered what would happen if I glued on my tassel and rope on the edge of the runner.  It would also match my table.

IMAG0707    IMAG0501


I glued the tassel rope down.  Not sure why one photo looks blue because the chair is a distinct teal green.

IMAG0722 IMAG0721 IMAG0710


So now my vanity is finished.

IMAG0711 IMAG0719 IMAG0712


and then I started tweaking things…remember this mirror?  I added some peacock feathers and a little bling










and this candle holder…I gave it the midas touch, cut a piece of felt and now it holds  bracelets.

IMG_0763  IMAG0716

and my ring holder…I also cut a piece of felt for the bottom of the candle holder to throw my rings in here at night.




This chair project took me over a week to complete because I took my sweet  time.

My boudoir  is coming along!!

IMAG0725 IMAG0726 IMAG0728

What room are you concentrating on this winter?

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