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Garage Turned Into Artist Studio (not mine)

I saw a garage turned into an artist studio and I love love love the idea of it.  When I first moved into my county they did not tax any detached structures, no matter how elaborate they were, as long as they did not contain heated living area.  Welllll now they do.  So while I like this idea I do not like the idea of paying more property taxes so this might just be a country dream.  The million dollar question is if I did it and I wanted to work on something would I go outside to the barn to actually work on it or would it turn into a studio that I wind up never using because I can’t access it from inside my house?  Would you use it if you had one?



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I have never seen clear garage doors before so I Googled them to see how much they cost (out of curiosity) and how other people use them.  That was interesting.  Here is a random price chart.  I did not check around for the best deal because if I did this I would use French doors instead of  garage doors on my barn.


After checking this out I googled small barn turned into craft room and hmmmph. I am way behind on creating a workspace for my crafts.  I need to get with the program!  Free free to share a photo of your workspace

4 thoughts on “Garage Turned Into Artist Studio (not mine)

  1. I think you would use it. I absolutely would love to have a place to spread out my projects that did not impact the house proper. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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