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Finally Divorcing Lowe’s…for good this time

I am getting to the point where I will go out of my way to go to stores that don’t consistently piss me off.  My money keeps them alive so why should I be an enabler of a bad store?  Not happening again.

I am not sure if I talked about it before but a couple of years ago I decided to stain my deck.  I purchased some stain and the guy at the register, knowing I had a new car, and trying to be nice, put the stain in a bag so I would not spill it in my car.  I get to the car and  picked up the bag by the handle, it bust, the whole gallon of RED stain dropped on my big toe, the stain was everywhere like I was standing in a pool of blood, the stain splattered on the inside of my car door and on my leather seats and carpet,,,in my new car!!  I was paralyzed from pain on the spot and could not move.  Someone came to help me and i was able to move out of the puddle of red stain after a while but honestly I never felt such paralyzing pain in my entire life.  My toe had already turned black and was swollen.  I went to the emergency room and they had to cauterise my nail to relieve the pressure.  I forgot how much that visit cost me but I had to have x-rays, and the cauterization was billed as a surgery.  It was not cheap.  Plus my Nike’s were destroyed, and the damage to my car.  I had to go to a foot doctor and he says I have a chip in my big toe which causes me pain.  Not always but often enough.  Still to this day, especially when I wear heels, which I do often.  But back to the story…

I went back to Lowes and the manager was very responsive.  She took photos and initiated a claim. But the bad news is she fired the guy and I did not think he needed to lose his job over that.  I felt super bad about that.

A jerk…yes I call him a jerk but maybe a hired shyster is a better name for him,  from the headquarters in Charlotte called me to work the claim.  He said he would send me some forms by email, but I never got them.  I called him back several times and he never returned my calls.  He called months later to tell me he never got my information and promised to send the forms again, which he did not.  I sent my estimates and the doctor bill anyway…no response.  Then I lost his information.  Now let me state that a few times over a period of more than a year he would call and leave a message stating he never got anything from me or heard from me and even though I would call him RIGHT BACK he was not available and I would leave a message on his voice mail but he would not return my calls.  I suspected Lowes was not going to honor my claim.

I found the claim letter close to two years later and emailed and faxed the information again.  Everything but the car damages.  I had since gotten another car and it just so happens the dealer changed software and they were unable to retrieve the records from my paint damages.  My luck. When I sent the information this time the jerk had the nerve to respond (finally) to tell me that it had been nearly two years and he would need all these medical records released to him, he would not be able to pay the full amount, he needed something else from the car I no longer had and a receipt from my sneakers. I had sent him the ad and a photo of the damaged sneakers, but that was not good enough for him.  I was pissed and told him I would have an attorney handle it from here but I never followed through with it as I am not the suing kind and quote frankly I don’t have a lot of extra time to handle stuff like that.

Despite being BEYOND pissed over this whole thing I decided to still use Lowes since it is super close to my house, but not for anything more than $20.  That was my store limit.  Mind you when I go in Lowes its like I go in the Cheers bar where everyone knows my name.  Everyone stops me to find out what I am working on and are super friendly to me.  It always helps that I have responded to customer surveys giving specific people kudos.  They deserved it.

This weekend I was doing spring sprucing up of my yard and knowing I would spend more than $20 I went to Home Depot.  I love home depot and if you know my yahoo email address you know this is true as it is an endorsement of them and has been for  nearly 15 years! But in my current home it is a bit farther away so I tend to take the easy route and go to the closest store, which happens to be Lowes

They had a sale on garden soil  and mulch and I loaded as much as I could get in my car but it was not enough.  I went to Lowe’s thinking I could get a couple of bags of each for the same price and less gas but the soil was 12 cents higher and the mulch nearly a dollar higher.  So I asked a sales guy if they price matched and he said they have not done that in years, and how many bags do you want me to load in your car.  I laughed and said none I am going back to Home Depot.  He said for 12 cents a bag?  I said yes and you will make me leave the store for the same. Humph.  To make a long story short I purchased some petunias on clearance for a dollar and when I got to the register I mentioned to the cashier I was upset about the no price matching and she said oh we do, just go to customer service.  So I did.  I had my receipt from Home depot with me.  What an ordeal this turned out to be. Even with my receipt in hand they still had to verify the price with the store  Then they found out the SKU was slightly different.  Still Miracle Grow Garden Soil though and only 12 cents difference in price.  She could not honor it so she asked the manager to make a call on it.  Manager said no.  Then she went to check the mulch.  I told her to forget it I will go to HomeDepot.  And I did.  It was not really about the money it was more about valuing customers and the principle of the whole thing.  After me still going there despite what they had already done to me and now they won’t honor 12 centsa bag??  I am through with them.  FOR GOOD.

And I am through with Valspar.  Yes I said it.  LOL.  Over two spray paint cans.  and it is just as well because I can only buy Valspar at Lowes, and I am NEVER stepping foot in that place again.

So what happened with Valspar?   I purchased some cans of metallic bronze spray paint that my grandson wanted me to paint his dresser with.  I had two cans.  I spray painted something for my grand-daughter and it  came out super nice, the color is  beautiful on wood.  I still had half a can of paint left but for some reason it would no longer spray.  So I grab can number two.  Two squirts and it stopped spraying as well.  WTH??  SO I called Valspar.  They asked me if I had the receipt.  No.  Why would I keep a receipt for spray paint?  So they tell me to go back to Lowes and they will call and prepay for the paint over the phone.  Just go to customer service and give them my name.  I did but when I got there they had no idea what I was talking about.  Then they ring up the paint and they no longer carry it.  I see now.  Valspar found out they no longer carry they paint and did not even bother to call me back.   I am just shit out of luck.  Not only do I lose the money I paid for the paint but I also have to repaint my grand daughters furniture because we did not finish what we started with the defunct paint.



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