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Garden Hints and Tips

Here it is the end of May, damn near June and my yard is still a mess. Now in my defense I got started early and cut down some things and planted some things and laid some mulch.  Then a bunch of my NEW plants died.  OMG what in the heck was going on?  I was discouraged to say the least and my full momento fizzled down to discouragement.  sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As many of you know I have dubbed my yard “Country Dreams”.  The reason for that is I have this dream of having a lush yard that is to die for.  I want to drive up in my driveway and be in awe of the wonderful beauty.  I have said that over and over again.  Years have passed and I swear this house and this yard have been kicking my gluteus maximus .  It’s not fair!  My dreams were…no….my dream  is…to have a yard…. no, not just a yard but a beautiful yard with lots of interest.  Something like this

yard4 yard 5 yard1 yard2

And I have to admit I have come a long way.  But how much does it take to have some real curb appeal? I went from this home

to this home2

and now to this      IMG_1191

It still looks like a choo choo train and I know landscaping is going to make the difference.

My neighbor gave me a pamphlet advertising this booklet advertising books by Jerry Baker, who touts himself to be Americas Master Gardner.  There were all sorts of tips and tricks  so I went to the web and did some research.  Oh man is my calendar full now.


I  put them all in a document and decided I am going to try some of the tricks and treats I learned.  I am not sure if you can get a copy frm my Google documents but nothing beats a failure but a try.

Get the document here for absolutely free.  Yes I said free.  I have it saved to public Google drive and I set it so you don’t have to log in to access it.  If it does not open for you please please please let me know.

So what’s in this document you ask?

soil amendments, garden junk, sq ft gardens, upcycling tricks, fairy gardens, chicken info,and all sorts of things I thought would be useful to not just me but to a lot of others as well.

So now I am going to show you the problems I have that I hope to correct with the info I found on the net.  If you have any suggestions or help PLEASE jump in!

IMG_1189 IMG_1184 IMG_1183 IMG_1182

that’s 11 tree stumps that are all trying to grow back

Oh wait there is 12 because I forgot about this one


I cut this tree down a while ago but left it about 9′ tall because I was going to have a totem pole carved out if it.  It started growing back before I knew it.  I never thought that would happen considering the trunk is hollowed out and rotted inside.

IMG_1186  IMG_1188

I have to get rid of all these weeds in the old well.  its disgusting.  Plus I can use the rocks.


Gardenia plants looking scraggly and burnt up



The forever roses are doing good.  I guess what they say about them living in any condition is true but I will do all I can to make them look MUCH better than this.  Must be the snake poop.  This is where they seem to always get caught.


There are more problems, but I don’t want to bore you with it.  Actions speaks louder than words.  When I get some stuff finished I will be posting whether its good bad or ugly.

Sneak peak into the contents of the book.



yard art

yard art2

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