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Ink does not always have to be permanent!!


Every morning I wake up at 5:30 AM and dedicate that time to God so I am covered in His blessings and thoughts for the day.  I have this brass oil vessel I purchased out of the Indian store and some wicks and sesame seed oil.  I pour oil in the top lay in a wick and light it.  I have it lit while I say my prayers and journal my thoughts for the day.  Blow it out and either go back to sleep or go about my day.

When I journal I like it to look nice and neat with no cross outs.

Cross outs can ruin my day because then I want to either write the whole page over or tear it out and start fresh.  I decided to look for some erasable solutions.  I like pencils but I write hard so the pencil is popping every few seconds and that wears on my last nerve.  I tried some erasable pens but they are not that good.  They make a mess on paper and  the eraser shreds left behind are nerve wrecking.  Then I discovered Pilot brand friXion Clicker gel pens.  My life will never be the same!

I purchased a three pack from Walmart.  They cost $3.23. This pack had one red, one blue, and one black pen in it.NOTE: in the video after erasing I wipe away as if I have a mess on paper.  NO NO NO…That is a habit I can not stop.  There is NOTHING left on the paper after erasing so please ignore that part.
The weird thing is that it is temperature dependent.  If you realize how it works it is not weird though.  The ink is heat sensitive so when you erase it it is actually being erased by the heat the friction causes when rubbing the “eraser” over the ink.  No mess no evidence of a previous writing.  Very neat and clean.

If you use the pen outside and leave your paper in the sun the ink will completely disappear but if you then put the paper in the freezer your print will come back. Lol!  Same for the pen .  If it stops writing put it in the fridge a minute or two and wah lah…its back to normal.

No matter when you are writing and you erase….it all goes away cleanly and you actually can not even see that anything was erased!  Here is a short demo

Pilot out did itself with this pen line!!  I watched one of their videos on YouTube and found they have a whole line of pens. WHAT?  I could go crazy!  The ones I am interested in exploring is the highlighter..How many times have I went to far with my highlighting and had too much highlighted and had to live with it?  To be able to erase it would be awesome!!


And one day I will step up my game and get a fancier looking friXion pen.  I don’t really like the idea of having a separate cap though


For now I will stick with my clicker.  I like it


Do you have a favorite pen?

2 thoughts on “Ink does not always have to be permanent!!

  1. Haha that’s sweeet!
    Hope you are doing good City Girl! Its been a long long time! 🙂

    And its wonderful to know that you follow one of our Indian customs of lighting a lamp. I would suggest you not to blow it off. That is considered inauspicious. Just let it burn until the flame burns out 🙂


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