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Five Keys to identifying your soulmate by Toure’ Roberts

The five keys to identifying your soulmate by Toure’ Roberts. You can view the whole sermon on YouTube.

God is a God of purpose. He’s a God of intentionality. He’s a God of vision and he wants to be involved in every area of your life especially relationships because relationships will make you or break you. The key to blessings is to figure out how to align yourself with other people. There is power and blessings in a soul mate relationship. Nothing can compare to it! In the process there is a you that you have to become, and you attract who you are. You have to get your soul involved a little more before God brings you a soul mate. You want your soul to be prospered before you can get a soul mate.
What is a soulmate? A soul mate is a person that God has chosen for you to compliment you and to complete his purpose for you and to ensure the fullness of your potential being realized. Notice he didn’t say love one time in there. A soulmate is a person that God has chosen for you. You have to be certain before you get married that this is the person that God has chosen for you. Is very important because everything is about purpose. Not about happiness, it’s not about love, ( love is in it, but that’s not why you get married. You get married because you know that this is the person that God has chosen for you and if this is the person God chose for you you will have love, but love doesn’t lead you, a revelation leads you). When God chooses someone for you he has factor in that the two of you will compliment his purposes for you.
There are 5 things that if they are not in place then you have no business considering marriage and whatever you do everything has to have purpose. Dating … Let me see. Who has time for “let me see”? When you know you know and if you don’t know its not it. So you pace it. Otherwise you get into something that you don’t have any conviction that it’s it, your heart is invested, time is invested, finances are invested and you know it’s not going anywhere. Why do you do that?
Here are five things you have to have, these are keys to recognizing your soulmate. Number one chemistry – you connect with someone and there is something. Something is going on. Something is happening. You feel something but you don’t know what it is. Some kind of magic tapping into a frequency. But this doesn’t mean soulmate. You can have great chemistry with 50 people. But you can’t move on to step 2 without chemistry. Don’t be a slave to chemistry. God will allow chemistry to let you know if this is your soulmate. It let you know that is something worth looking into.
Number 2 connection something that is drawing you to that person. A desire to go further with that person. The sense of a need to be together but that need has to be qualified. If it is a soulmate then at the right time that need will be mutual and equal. If one of you has that great desire but the other was like “slow down” just hoover her for a while and don’t go all in. Number 3 – wholeness – you have to have wholeness because it will qualify the connection. Codependency can connect two people. You can’t qualify a connection unless you are whole. You are whole when you can sing “all I need is you”.
If you build a relationship in codependency the relationship or break when you become whole and the relationship will be irrelevant. Why? Because the only connection was that the both of you are broken. But it feels like love because you feel like you must be around the person – because a void is being filled.
A soul mate does not fill a void! A soulmate is a mutually complementary destiny that God is ordaining each to be a purpose mate to the destinies of each person. Not to fill a void! If you feel empty without them there is a problem. Lonely is OK but empty? No! You better come full or you will drain the other and they will become empty. If you are not whole you will sabotage a soulmate.
You have to pray to God not to even bring your soulmate until you are whole. You don’t seek out a soulmate – God will present them to you at the right time and when you are ready, because you seeking them out is like you telling God you are ready – as if you know. Sometimes God has to grow you up to match the soul mate that he has for you. So you think you are ready but you’re not. Let God do it! Don’t seek them out don’t look or you will choose wrong. God put Adam to sleep so he wouldn’t think he chose his soul mate on his own.
It’s not about the looks, not about the sex, not about the money it’s about the spirit. When they talk about love at first sight …it’s not site it’s really hearing …because that person will communicate something about their spirit. God will use the person’s spirit to attract you to them. That body will fade. Their looks will fade. Don’t fall in love with the physical, that can change overnight. It’s the spirit that will attract you and it will feel like they have been with you all of your life. That spirit will know you because it’s ordained by God that you were connected but disconnected until God thought you were whole enough to connect you together.
You don’t have to fear losing your soulmate… If they are the one for you – you can let it go. Don’t fear losing them.
Number 4 divine confirmation – you need a word from God. If you haven’t gotten a word from God and you don’t feel that presence of God when you are together then something is wrong. If it’s from God you should feel his presence around anything that is connected to you. Your spiritual life and your love life are not separate. It’s all one. You should feel God’s presence when you are on a date. I want to feel the same feeling when I am worshipping when I am with them. If its a God thing.
So what word do you have that God said this is my partner, this is my mate? Did God say it to you? If he didn’t, you have to hold off. God will always confirm that this is your soulmate.
Number five a sense of purpose – you have to have a sense of purpose. You have to know who you are. God is a God of purpose. How can you give yourself to someone for the rest of your life if you don’t even know what you are giving them? If you don’t have a sense of purpose you are not ready for a soul mate because your soulmate is for your purpose, and you for that persons. Do you know why you are here? The last thing you want to do is get in a relationship or get married and find your purpose because your purpose will change your life, it will change your direction, it will change your focus, & a lot about your life. What happens if you wake up after you find your purpose and you realize you’re not the person who got married or your spouse finds their purpose and they wake up and now they know who they are and a counterfeit version married you? Then one of two things will happen: either one of you will sacrifice who you are for the purpose for the marriage and the marriage then becomes more important than the reason why you were born or you have to go through the painful process of sacrificing the marriage for purpose. There are no absolutes but these are the highest probabilities.
You want to be serious. This is not a game. Everything has to have purpose. Don’t waste time. If you know that your relationship is not going anywhere you know you’re just lonely be honest with yourself. When you know, you know! If you don’t know that means that it is not it. It’s never yes until God says No… its always no unless God says yes! Because you wanted to be yes you make it a yes? No! The Yes has to come from God! If you know God intimately you will never be lonely. God knows how to fill you up. Don’t be a vacuum going from one relationship after another because you suck a person dry trying to fill a void. Chemistry is not everything. Connection – thats desire, showing something is happening , curious to explore.
Wholeness – the main thing. I don’t need you, all I need is God.
Divine confirmation – do I have a word from God? Did God tell me yes? Or am I doing this trying to get God to bless it? Who’s leading this relationship?
Purpose – do I know my purpose? Do I know who I am and where I am going? If I don’t I need to figure that out first and then I can tell whether or not this relationship is relevant to me. Don’t know where you are going? The friend zone!! You should only have friends!! Don’t be distracted – get your heart all involved and can’t even function, it will damage your heart. If you were in a relationship that you know is not a purpose relationship, not a destiny relationship… Get out while you can! You saying goodbye and you moving on is not predicated by the acceptance of the person you are saying goodbye to! This is not a joint decision and a lot of times the person you were saying goodbye to will put so much guilt on you that you will begin to second guess yourself. You were clear about it, you had your exit strategy and they start putting smooth slick words on you. If you know you need to back out of that relationship then pray on it for God to help you. He says in his word: for I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future, and hope. God has plans and he is going to prosper you. He knows the plans he has for you. If you are divorced and carrying around guilt and shame because of it and you feel like you made a mistake and you feel like a failure because your marriage did not work and you have been carrying around shame because you feel like you sinned the unpardonable sin, because somebody twisted the scripture and judged you and condemned you not even understanding the scripture.
If the person was not your soulmate you entered into failure. You didn’t enter into marriage you entered into failure and it wasn’t going to work because it couldn’t work. The words says what God puts together let no man put asunder. As painful as divorce is its a part of real life. God wants you to release that and release yourself. God called for all things to work together for the good. You don’t have to be mad if you have to release bitterness. You didn’t lose! You didn’t lose time, you didn’t lose years, and you’re not damaged goods. When you get lonely you entertained situations that you know are hurtful to you. Loneliness can make you open yourself up to people who don’t mean you any good. You get caught up, almost like a drug. One day I will read this and confirm that I am with God’s choice for me. Let this be a divine confirmation that I am right where God wants me to be and I’m in the right place. We are all in this life together. The human being is a rare delicate and immeasurably valuable creature and therefore must always be handled with Godly love.
When we realize we are all human and we have real life stuff, we treat each other differently. We are gentle with each other, we don’t judge each other, we encourage each other, we stand up for each other. We are our brother’s keeper! That is christ-likeness! It really is. We are all in this together. None of us have it all figured out. We learn from each other as the Holy Spirit teaches us! And we figure it out.

Father God, I think you so very much for what you are doing in my midst  right now. I thank you for the love flowing in my heart right now, the true love.  Agape love has peace in it, has restoration in it. I thank you God for your great forgiveness. You don’t even remember our mistakes. You don’t even remember our failures. You said for your own sake you cast it in the land of forgetfulness. I pray there is a washing over anyone reading this including me. And washing of pain from divorce …no condemnation. I prayed that mark you have placed on you because you’ve gone through a human thing, I pray that it be washed off of you right now. Completely washed off! This will prepare you for what God has in store for you because you were held back by a false perception of what you experience and you’ve been stuck in the past stuck in the moment of the breakdown. You can’t get ahead for looking back. You can’t live in the dimension of what God has for you in your future if you are still lamenting and carrying all the pain and the condemnation of yesterday on you. So God says today as you release it I am opening doors for you and you will be able to step into the new thing I have for you. Amen!!

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