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My House is my pimp!!

This house is still driving me crazy, that has not changed a bit.  I am still planning on selling it one day and planning to add onto it the next day.  Loving the charm of my house one day and hating the inefficiency of it the next day.  Loving my big yard one day and realizing I don’t even LOOK at more than half the yard and I spend a lot of time hating the maintenance costs.  And just when I am over my frustration I see ads like this that has everything I need at a price I can afford but soon as I go to inquire the house is gone.  Deals like this don’t last:


That house stayed on the market no more than 5 days before it got an offer.  I saw it on day 4 and it had an offer before I could even see it.  I finally came to the conclusion I only have about 7 more years to retire so I might as well keep my butt here, suck it up, be grateful for what I have and ride it out until I retire THEN move.  In the meantime though I have to get the foundation sealed (the basement is leaking), I need to increase my living space and I have to have a place to eat.  Ohhh and lets not forget I need some place to store my junk and the list goes freaking on and on and on in this money sucking house I call home.  Well I been saving my money for my pimp (this house) and ummmm it is burning a hole in my pockets!!

I am waiting for a contractor to come over to give me an estimate.  He is either going to crush my dreams or make it a reality.  Fingers crossed on him being a dream maker!!

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