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The Sunroom Planning

I changed the uses of each room in my house.  The bedroom is the kids room (which is where I am planning on making the master), The livingroom is being used as the master bedroom, the diningroom is being used as the livingroom and the porch is being used as the kids game room.  And now I have no dining room.   That’s right…I don’t have anyplace to sit down at a table to eat in my house.  It’s the couch and tv trays and quite frankly I am SICK of it!!

I have this deck sitting on the back of my house serving no purpose whatsoever except for storage.  I keep looking at it to make it more useful.  My last plan was to make it a dining room and entrance to my added on bedroom and bathroom but the price of that was damn near the cost of my house…out of the question.

Here is my inspiration


My deck already has a roof on it but I would love to add 4′ to the left side. I would like to leave the steps and put the door on the far right as I can get it.


To complicate things further you see where those small windows are on either side of the door?

little windows

I would love to open that wall up and make that an opening french doors and get rid of the current door and useless windows. That will make the room seem a lot bigger and the porch turned dining room will feel nice and open. I hope to move the door and not have to buy a new one. Red marks the part of the wall that will be gone.


Of course I have to make things difficult right?

I want room for a table and I need room for the door and walking space to be added so people can come in. I would like built in windows just like on the kids room. Remember those windows that cost me $5 each at the scrap yard?


I LOVE them and the view I have from it. That’s what I want on my addition as well. I need some light and to have some plants!!

This room will be modest.  I want built in benches so it can double as storage.  The kids will love having a table to sit at!!  I made this sketch with a round table but it will probably be my collapasable  rectangle table that I can take down when we are not eating.  That way the benches can just be lounged in at other times..

deck plans

I also want some punches of color and some flowey curtains.


I will be buying the curtains at Ikea (where else when you need inexpensive??)


I was searching for breakfast nook ideas and found this one.  Duhhh why did I not even think I can use the bench storage for my pots and pans??  I store them all in the oven right now.



This renovation can do so much for my house!!  I am praying that the price is right.

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