Basement / renovations

The foundation, The Possible Guerrilla to My Plan!

I don’t go in the basement too often as it is creepy as hell down there.  I do know that it is leaking though.  I was down there a few months ago and saw it is getting worse.  I asked the contractors to look at it.  We went down stairs to check the leak and uhhhh this thing is really bad




He looked at the foundation outside and determined that the bricks were cracked and need to be sealed and in looking around discovered that the piers on the other side of the house were no good.  Said they were crumbling.  One pier is falling down.  My photos did not come out good, for some reason all of them were blurry.  I went back out there myself to get this shot and it is not the worst by far but I was NOT crawling under the house to take a photo for my blog.  Oh hell to the no.   I opened the trap door stuck my phone in and this is the best it gets.


He determined I need 4-5 new piers.  That sounded like more than half my budget in itself.  Shit!!        I know this is more important than anything but this could break certain parts of my renovation.

I have personally seen examples of this contractors foundation work while I was working out in the field.    He does good work for people who subcontracted him as their labor on their jobs.  And he is insured…that’s a good thing.  I am hoping he is not going to be too expensive.   Otherwise I am going to have to call Carlos.   The other Carlos.  Once I get an estimate if it is too much I will just offer the job to Carlos on my budget and see if he goes for it.  I don’t plan on spending more than $xxk for the whole job!  (I deleted the price as I had second thought on publishing it on the www.) Wish me luck!

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