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The Porch- Still a Rough draft

I am not sure what I am going to call this room.  I originally thought it would be a dining room, then I thought dining room/den, then den.  It will look like a normal room but will not have heat and air in it.  My mind has been all over the place on it.  I had a few contractors come over and I fell in love with one in particular.  His work.  I fell in love with his work. His name is Yudi.  Yudi  gave me the materials list and his labor charge. His  materials list was for what we originally discussed but you know since then I have changed my mind a thousand times.  Saturday he is coming over to revise the estimate and sign the contract.  I might not be able to get all I want but I am praying I can.  I am super stoked!!

The materials list is driving me crazy!!   2×4’s, 2×6’s, 2×8’s, 2×10’s, 2×12’s, 6×6’s, lattice panels, plywood, shingles, tar paper, siding, flooring, cement, Sheetrock, tape, mud, primer, paint, insulation, nails, screws, french door, crown molding, trims, windows, wire, lighting, and it seemed like the list never ended.   I know we probably forgot some items and that is where the overage will come in.  I can feel it already.  My budget is tight, very very tight so I have to be careful!  I can’t have him leave me with a half finished job!  I have decided I will do some of the trim work and the painting though.  That’s the least I can do!!  Timeline is 3 weeks!!

My original idea was to put in 3×3 sliding windows.  I nixed that real quick.  I want big windows or some set up where I can get lots of sunlight.   I NEVER open windows in here.  Never.  For that reason  I decided to get plate glass windows.  1/4″ low-e tempered glass.  That idea is saving me a TON of money.  Yes!!

The room dimensions will be 12 x 14.  One of the 14 ft walls is against the house and the other is a south facing window.  LOTS of good sunshine.  I can not wait to fill it with plants!!  Finally breathing some life into this house.

I want a little wall space to hang a few photos or perhaps some wall words.  I like this set up


I believe I will have two 2×4 vertical windows and one 1×5 horizontal window.  I think I want to do an effect on that horizontal window.  I found these mosaic windows that I love love love.  The project is using plain windows and gluing plates and sugar bowl tops and all sorts of stuff on them.  I think that will be soooo neat.  I have been looking for directions and more inspiration on it.In the mean time I am a planning on a big thrift store trip.


I like the color of the wall in the photo as well.  Its’s called tranquility by Benjamin Moore.

The east wall I was thinking of putting in two 18″x4′ tall windows and leaving wall space between.  Just enough window to see whats going on outside.


And on the west wall I will have the door to the far left and probably a sidelite on the side. 18″x4′.  Even though this photo has a window it is the same effect I am going for with the door and extra window.


I don’t think I want any trim around any of the windows but I do want a window sill.

As for the north wall that now has the siding on it.  i want the siding out.  I think I want to have a faux brick wall put in like I have in my kitchen.  I will have to get someone else to do that at a later time though…but then again I did see how the guy did it with chicken wire, cement and dye.  I might do it my darn self.

If he takes the siding off I might slip  a closet in the bathroom that will extend into this room.  I will have to bust a hole in the bathroom wall of course but I truly need some place for brooms and cleaning supplies.  This is a perfect time to do it!


Then again if I start on the bathroom I might be tempted to have them rip out the tub.  I want that tub out soooo bad!!  I am dreaming of this conversion in my bathroom…in due time.  But if I can get him to rip out the tub I think I can handle the rest….(this is how my last renovation snowballed from moving a window to a four room full renovation.)

But back to the task at hand…As for the floor…I was thing of doing the wood looking vinyl planks like I have in the kitchen and hall.  Or maybe some tile?  I hate cold floors though and the vinyl is pretty comfortable.  I also thought about doing a penny floor but I am hesitant about doing that in here. I am not sure if it will be too much going on with the mosaic window.



To be continued….

If I just flooded your brain with images, ideas and questions just imagine how I feel!  Please post you comments as feedback is highly desired and needed.  Is there anything I did not think of? or should scrap/ consider/do?  I have until Saturday before I sign the contract.


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