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Thoughts on the Closet in G’pa’s Room

SO I am still planning on making a wide deep closet and not having any doors on it.  Something like this.


Code requires that I have a window in the closet and that has been bugging the hell out of me.  What to do.  I did not want a window because I did not want the light to fade my clothes.  I do wear a lot of black after all.

I decided to put the window right in front of the doorway and put my vanity in there.  then make my closet system around it.

That will work


The closet will be 5′ deep and 12′ wide.  Gives me plenty of room.  And instead of seeing pure closet when you look at it you will see the desk and sunshine.  I love that idea.  I hope the contractor is not mad at me for all these changes!!

Oh and the other plan for this room is making a lift up storage bed.bed.jpg

The Hardware kit includes the hydraulic shocks and all necessary hardware to build your own storage bed. It also includes instructions with all the cutting dimensions for each size bed to build a bed similar to the Lift and Stor Bed.  It’s about  $80 for the set from

The price for that one part  sounds reasonable enough BUT we have to consider the final cost of everything and figure out if there is a gotcha.  The cost of fabric makes it hard to make your own stuff and I can’t just have fabric I want leather.  I love a leather bed for some reason.  Leather, pleather all the same in looks.  I can also go for a velvet bed but it is not as easy to clean.  It looks super simple to make right?

I found the bed pictured above for $1400 in leather but as low as $400 in a cheaper look (less tufts and shorter headboard).  I  did not really want to spend anything on it…you know me…I am CHEAP so I focused on finding everything to see how much it costs to make it.   The dimensions of the bed are 66w x 90L x 48h.   I am guessing I am going to need the following materials:

three  1x12x8 for the sides and end ………………….$48

4×8 sheet of plywood for the back…………………….$20

2 sheets of 1/4″ hardwood plywood for the base…..$26

6 yards of 60″ fabric is no less than $12 yard……….$75

(I usually can’t find upholstery fabric any cheaper)

two 24x72x3 rolls of poly urethane foam  ……………$50

roll of upholstery thread for the tufts…………………$10

hydraulic shocks for the lift………………………………$80

Total with tax aprox………………………………………..$350

I have to see if I can find it for a comparable price already made on the web before I make that investment.  Sometimes it is cheaper to buy things than to make them but if I get some encouragement and you want me to be the guinea pig on making this bed I will try it despite the costs.

Oh and also if you happen to see a better deal hit me up!!



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