Going coo-cooo over this renovation

I think I am driving the contractor crazy and I am also feeling like I am losing it for the both of us.

I changed my mind so many times on EVERYTHING.

Now I am back to the widows on the porch once again.  See what happened was I went to the salvage yard and found windows for $10 each!  3×4, low-e, double pane!  He had about 20 of them.  I was thinking damn now I can get a real sun room feel to the room.  Instead of it being a porch or den it will be what it really is…a sunroom.  My ceiling height is only 7 so this window is the perfect size.  Problem is that I found them after we finalized the contract.  LOL  I think he is getting used to it because he said we should wait to get started because he knows I will change my mind on something else.  I changed the steps to wind around the back instead of straight steps,  I changed the roof to a flat roof,  I am changing the windows, I made the closet a bit smaller so the gas line does not have to be moved, I changed the roof over the closet to be tin, and I added him cleaning my gutters, sealing the leaking gutter and replacing a board.  LOL.  Back to the den/diningroom/porch/sunroom…he said I should consider getting a normal door verses a french door.  I want the french doors though.  Is this reverse psychology?  Do I only want them because he wants me to change them?  LOL  Good move!  I’m not changing my mind!!

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