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Simply White…

I have forever been complaining that my house is too dark and I have no space for anything and it looks too cluttered.  In searching for ideas on my enclosed porch I found a photo that I think can change the whole feel of my house.

simply white

Click the photo to see the before and after photos of this room on “The Handmade Home’s” blog.

See, what happened was, I asked my decorating adviser (aka Google) what the 2016 Color of the year was and I found Benjamin Moore named the color of the year Simply White.  WHAT?? White??  I never even considered white as a choice.  I found several websites that talked about it.  Then found pictures and ummmmm I think this is the answer for me.

I wrestled for a minute as to whether I would get a shade of white and then I thought heck no I am going for white.  Pure white.

I did what any impulsive person who is afraid of changing their mind would do.  I went in the basement and dragged out a half full can of white paint and when I could not find all my supplies in five minutes I ran out to Big Lots and got some roller covers, and a roller pan.  I was not up to an extensive search. When I got home I was itching to start but I decided to go to bed early as I was dead ass tired from the holidays.   I got up at 6AM this morning and got to work.  At first I could not find shit around here.  No drill to take all the screws out the wall, so I did it the old fashioned way and used a screwdriver.  My hand is hurting now LOL.   I painted a coat of white on the walls and decided I needed a small roller and a good paint brush. I turned on the fan and headed out to Home Depot and got Glidden pure white paint in semigloss and egg shell some small roller covers and a couple of impulsive buys not worth mentioning.

As the day progressed the house was already looking lighter and brighter.  YES.

Blogging takes a long time but I am taking a short break from painting the kitchen and  decided to write out my thoughts.  I will post photos later.  I can tell you that I am LOVING the white walls!!  I am damn near blind from all the light up in here.

My goal is to paint all the rooms before the new year begins.  Out with the old and in with the new!!

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