I Found Something Bad

Last night I was on a roll painting my kitchen.  I was taking the doors off my cabinets and discovered that I have a freaking leak!!  The bottom of my cabinet was soaking wet.  I never go under there so how was I supposed to know??

sink before

The one thing that can freak me out is mold.  Mold can kill you!!  I was not sure what to do so I went to my adviser (Google) and asked.  He told me to turn off the water source and dry out the area.  Check.


Then I was to check the pipes to see if there is a blockage, clear it up, seal the pipes and keep it moving.

I took the pipes apart and ugggh I wanted to throw up!  The pipe was absolutely clogged up!!  What is all this crap and where did it come from??

I cleaned out the pipe with a screwdriver. check.  Ugggh now the house smelled like sulpher!!  I soaked them in Fabuloso Lavender cleanser but it was  not killing that smell.  I had to air the place out with the fan.  In the meantime I looked at all the pipes, time to put them back.  Crap!!  I did not take a photo of how the pipes were put together.  Well I guess I am going to have to wing it.  I will let you know if it worked when I show the final reveal of my kitchen.  IF I EVER GET IT PAINTED!!

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