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I need someone to Rescue me!!

Tuesday I tried to work on the sink.  I have to tip my hats to plumbers.  Why?  Because the job is not easy and it’s messy as hell.  dirty hands

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty but I have to clarify I don’t mind certain kinds of dirty.  I don’t like sticky greasy stuff on my hands like plumbers joint compound nor do I like to touch anything that even faintly resembles poop, and old plumbing putty aged with rust and old food particles looks like poop to me.  Those are not my hands by the way.  They are just greasy dirty hands I found on the net.

I was forced to do the work on my own as I am not going to blow a good bit of my renovation budget on plumbing.  I watched some YouTube videos and they make it look soooo easy.  I made 3 initial trips to Home Depot. First to get the right PVC pipes.   I was in the PVC aisle forever trying to find the right p-trap. When someone came over to help me I found I was in the totally wrong aisle.  I needed to be in the aisle where they sell the sinks.  Remember that.  The second time I went was to get thicker plumbers tape and joint compound (as recommended by a plumber in the store buying something), and the third was to get the plumbers putty.

I wrapped the threads with plumbers tape but it still leaked so I brought the thicker Teflon tape and plumbers compound and it still leaked.  Then I got some plumbers putty and the leak stopped.  YES!!

BUT I turned on the water and now  the sink basket was leaking.  Fuuuuuuuudd!  I went to Lowes this time, because they are closer,  to get the paper and rubber gasket set.  They were out.  So I purchased two sink strainers.  I also could not get the basket off so I purchased a tool to get it off and a tool to hold the basket in place while I turned to nut.


The tools did not work.  The sales guy said he had another tool that he knows for sure works but he did not have any in stock.

At this point I am so frustrated.  I put something on Facebook about it and one of my friends writes:  Gurlll…this is where you just wish Mr handy would show up

I responded: girl yes he could get whatever he wants right now if he could make this leak go away. LOL Did I just say that on facebook? LOL

God how I would love to see this sight right about now


Now back in the day a guy or two would have showed up to help and in the meantime see if I was telling the truth about the offer.  No bites.  Damn I am getting old and losing my touch here.  I guess men are getting hip to the womanly wiles thing.

When I went to take the tool back the cashier looked at me suspiciously as if I used the tool and now getting my money back.  No hunnn this shit did not work.  And I was daring her to even utter a word and I was going to go off on her.  I literally stood there waiting to hear one iota of sarcasm but it never came.  I needed to take my frustration out on someone!!  I really should write Lowes and commend her.

When I got home I even tried breaking the thing off with my screwdriver.  My hands hurt, my ego is hurt and nothing was gained.  I turned off the water at the water supply valve because twice I forgot and turned the faucet on.  Luckily I had the bowl underneath.

I decided to finish my kitchen without messing with the sink any further.   All I wanted at this point was to finish painting, wash my kitchen down and cook dinner.   Is that too much to ask?

Stay tuned for the happy ending to this story.  If there is one…

If I don’t get rescued I will have to figure it out.

Or pay someone.

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