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Year ending on a doozey

So I called every number I can think of for help with my sink.  I am still refusing to pay a plumber.  Not happening captain.   Everyone is at work and tonight is New Years Eve so naturally I had no one interested in helping me.  whomp whomp wommmmmmmm.

In the meantime I have been working on other things.  Ohhhh my kitchen looks so good now.  I have a credenza in there that I painted and then put some poly urethane on top to protect it.  It is still drying.  When that is all dried up I will take my kitchen reveal photos.  I am happy with how it came out.

I don’t know how to tell the rest of this story without skipping all over the place because it is part of another story…so I will jump to the chase and if you are interested in the details you will see it again.

I want a medicine cabinet in my bathroom and keeping in the spirit of working on my part of this renovation I decided to bust a hole in the wall for said cabinet.  Easy enough project right?  hmmmph.  Not if you are me its not.

I get my hammer and start breaking through the sheetrock…


I forgot when I originally did my bathroom it had this God awful paneling on the walls.  I covered it with sheet rock without taking down the old because I figured the old would be added insulation and more importantly I was afraid of what I might find behind the wall.

Bam…I hit the paneling with my hammer and even with all my strength it is not breaking a hole.  I even tried hammering a screwdriver through that bad boy but nothing is getting though it. Now I have a choice.  Either I can go out and buy a circular saw, adjust the depth to the thickness of the Sheetrock and paneling and cut out the hole I need or I can say eff it and gut the whole wall,  put in my cabinet, hang some new drywall and when the drywall guys come in here for the other work I can get them to mud it for me.

What do you think I will do?  LOL


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