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A Little Progress Everyday!

So I showed you this morning the contractor started with a deck

IMG_20160102_125018806and by the time I woke up and made coffee they had gotten this far.


I was still working on my cabinet in the bathroom. What started out as a between the studs shelf turned into a shallow shelf because I would have had to deconstruct the wall to get to the studs  Not happening!!  I had 3/4″ of sheet rock with 1/4″ cheap paneling behind it…the kind that is supposed to resemble tile.  It took me all damn day yesterday and today to get all that Sheetrock and paneling out.  Not a whole wall mind you…just 30×70.  Why?  Well they glued the paneling down for one.  For two I did not know how to get it out any easier than I did…which took me a while to figure out.  I used my grinder and a diamond bit blade to cut the Sheetrock.  Then I used the same blade to cut the paneling out, but really I should say to burn it out and pry it apart because I was definitely burning it with the grinder then prying out what the burns did not remove.  I was pretty frustrated at how difficult a fairly simple project was turning out.

Now it was time to measure the hole so I can make the shelves to fit in it. For the frame I was using 1×3’s,  which is pretty easy to work with,  normally.  When I turned on my compressor to use the nail gun it would not fire.  I asked the contractor to look at it for me after I messed with it for a while.  He could not figure it out at first either but eventually realized I did not have my air turned up high enough.  duhhh.   Then I go to put it together and lo and behold I had mis-measured the shelf because something I do all the time when making shelves is forget to compensate for the width of the wood.  I had already put the frame together when I realized my error and when I went to put it in the wall it was 1.5″ too long.  So instead of simply taking it apart and cutting off the inch and a half I decided to cut the sheetrock.  Why I do not know because that took me an additional couple of  hours to do.

Now it’s the end of the day.  I am sore as shit and my legs are killing me.  Which is a plus because I am hopeful I lost a pound or two this week  (No pain no gain). I helped them to move some wood around (heavy ass sheets of subfloor, which is not light) and load the truck when getting supplies from Lowe’s.  My hands are killing me from trying to pull the glued on 40+ year old paneling off the wall.  My nails look like shit.  I just went ahead and cut them all off right before I started typing.  When I get to work on Wednesday they will be wondering WTF I been doing and why I look so rough.  Its going to be a hellava couple of days.

Here is a snapshot of their progress.


And here is a snapshot of mines (including an example of the Sheetrock dust I have all through the back of my house).

Now I know I should not compare myself to professionals BUT I suck dude. I should have had more accomplished today!!  Tomorrow I would love to finish adding the shelves, add the doors, paint it, remove the vanity, finish painting the bathroom, put in the missing floor pieces, go pick up my sink and put it in and then all I have to do Tuesday is clean up this freaking mess and get ready to go back to work from  13 days of vacation.


Oh crap and I just realized…I did not paint my living room yet!!

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