I Declare War

Well my house is officially a war zone again.  At least it looks like that. The yard has building materials all over the place and the inside of the house is a wreck.  Last night I was trying to get the drywall off the wall in the bathroom and I used a grinder.  I had no choice because there is wood behind the walls.  So now there is drywall dust EVERYWHERE.  It looks nasty and a wreck!!

To catch you up here is where I am at:

Renovations started Saturday as planned.  I been back and forth to Lowes buying materials.  Yes I said Lowes.  Don’t judge me.  Home Depot has not been very nice to me.  Anyway here is how my house looked before I left the first time.


When I got back


When they finished I looked through some of the debris and there is a lot of useful stuff in there.  I see a lot of garden junking will be going on!!  Plant stands, benches etc.  This pile will stay out here till spring when I can go out and take out nails.  Hey, I bet the grandkids will love a nail pulling party!!

IMG_20160102_102351092 IMG_20160102_125944527 IMG_20160102_130001003 IMG_20160102_130041507_HDR

One mans junk is another mans treasure remember that.  I have to go on the garden junk forum and see what they can help me imagine for  projects.

I went outside and they forbade me from coming out…too dangerous they said.  So I had to observe progress  from inside.  Hmmmph.


On one trip to Lowes and the guys truck was over loaded.  He lost part of the load backing into the driveway.  I think he will always remember this job now.  His truck bed door is messed up also.  WIll post photo later.


I purchased a shutter for my window in the bathroom but it was a little too narrow and a little too high.  They cut it down for me at the salvage yard because at the time I did not have a saw.  I purchased another one at Harbor Freight for $29 with a laser light!!  I had to buy the blade separate but still, I think I got a deal.  Tools really turn me on! I built out the frame a little to make it fit.  I like this much better than curtains!!

IMG_20160103_085610608 IMG_20160103_085627831_HDR

The guys were here at 7AM this morning.  Here is where we are on day two as of 9AM:

IMG_20160103_085925647 IMG_20160103_091805487

If you see anything wrong, please let me know!

But from what I see they are building the perfect room for me.  I feel so blessed!!

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