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My Vacation Was Productive

I am still not finished yet but I accomplished a few things while on vacation:

I fixed the leak under the sink.  It kicked my ass but I fixed it


Painted my kitchen white.  Remember one of the colors of the year 2016 was named as simply white.  I used bright while base with mo tint.  Loving it!!

Painted the top and sides of my pantry and changed the wall over it:


Took the window curtains down in my bathroom and hung a shutter in its place


Painted most of the bathroom white (not finished yet).  The sink will be changed this weekend and I will finish painting then.


Hung my girls back up (I wish I could find the rest of the set.  If you know where I can get them from please tell me).  They been with me since I purchased them in Spain in 1998.

And the thing that kicked my ass the most?

My shallow cabinet made of 1×3’s and using a bi-fold door for the doors (with the hinges removed from the middle of course) more details on this project later…

I would say that my vacation time was used productively.  I wish I took off the rest of the week!!

The construction workers are still working.  Pretty soon there will be french doors where the back door is.


Hopefully my house will be back in order pretty soon and more organized than before.

Lessons learned:

  1. Put my tools away in the proper place because the next time I look for them I probably won’t be able to find them and  without the proper tools my job will be that much harder (i.e. rotozip)
  2. Always keep my tape measure in my pocket, otherwise I probably won’t be able to find it when I need it the most
  3. Read the can carefully before I start to paint, otherwise I might use the wrong paint and not realize it until I have already done half the job (eggshell vs semigloss)
  4. Use pipe dope to seal threads on plumbing.
  5. There are more, I am sure, but right now I just want to take a shower, wash my hair and get ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Hopefully I can keep up the momento on the weekends.

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