Closet / renovations

The Problem…

I went back to work and not being here means the guys show up when they want to.  Work has been slow but not so slow because the dining room is nearly finished.  The outside is up, the electricity is in, the insulation is in and part of the sheet rock is done.    Good news right?


IMG_20160110_095859173 IMG_20160110_095904748 IMG_20160110_095915424


(sidenote: Yes the workers are cute LOL.  Never hurts to have a little eye candy working on your house even if they are getting paid.)

The dining room  is not the problem.  They were going to start on the closet today and the guy went to take out the windows and look what he found:  LOGS!!!  I seriously did not know that this part of the house was also log cabin.  Now some other things make sense.

IMG_20160110_095804908     IMG_20160110_095755863

IMG_20160110_141808635 IMG_20160110_141817426

Now I understand what I was seeing peeking from under the siding.


So now we are talking about cutting through the petrified wood, the chinking and putting up reinforcement load bearing beams. When they showed me the logs I knew what was next and I wanted to CRY!!   I know I know…that’s a typical chick move.  All I could think of at that moment is that I need a hero to come rescue me.   I asked the boss can he finish the job for the money I have left praying that tears were not welling up in my eyes as I asked and he said yes but now I have to be on hold while he makes money on another job.  He didn’t exactly say that.  What he said is he is going to board up the window for a few days and he is going to be back after he does another job.

I am getting discouraged because my money is REALLLLLLLY  tight and I keep feeling like maybe I should just stop. Why is my money tight?  I had a couple of situations come up in the house and then before that bit of bad news (finding the logs) my uncle was supposed to come from NY to do the electricity for me for free but then I could not get him on the phone so I thought he was not coming.  In a panic I had someone else come do the job because it had to be done before the sheet rock guy came.  And then as soon as he was finished guess who showed up?  Uncle Joti.  LOL.  Well there went my money for the french doors.

I am not sure what I am going to do about not having french doors.  The back door is coming out and the windows are coming out.  I must have something in its place!!  And after spending all this money I am not living with this!!


There’s another glitch but this one is easier to fix.  Remember I got the $10 windows from the salvage yard?  Well two of them are the wrong size.  So I have to take them back.  Hopefully they have the right size!!  In the meantime the windows could not get fixed.


I am going to pray on this tonight because I need a miracle  so this job can get done and life can go back to normal.  No…… so it can be BETTER than normal.

Yup…a miracle would do me well right about now.

Wait!!  I have a Jeanie lamp!  I am going to look for it and rub it to see if my Jeanie is in there waiting to grant me my hearts desire.  LOL


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