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Day Five!

The guys have not been here for a few days and the weather was perfect: cold but not too cold, and most importantly no rain.  Yesterday morning they returned.  Not three like normal but 9. Oh Lordy all of this El Salvadore eye candy lurking around my yard.  LOL. Anywho… They were determined to put a dent in this job.

More bad news though.  They were working on the closet and cutting a hole in the wall, you know the wall with the logs, when they ran into a couple of things, the worse being that two of the logs were practically nothing but shreds of wood.  And the one holding the floor up look like it was about to break at any given moment.

Me running out of money but not wanting to ignore the problem asked them to sister the logs on the side and bottom which they did by putting a 2×6 under it and on the side of it.  I mean its not like they could take the logs out to replace them.  Well…they probably could but not on my budget.   This was the best I could do.

Moving right along to the second problem.  My driveway.

It took him 30 minutes or so to get out and my driveway is worse that EVER.  I need to get some more rocks!!  This rain is killing me

They put the last windows in the dining room and caulked everything up outside.  I did all the caulking inside the day before.  Where they took the little side windows out on the side of the door I am going to keep open.  They haven’t put in the french doors yet


The closet is open to the elements at the roofline so you can only imagine how cold it is in here…  and the heat keeps cranking up.  My gas bill is going to be astronomical!!  Hopefully they can return on Monday as promised.  Weather permitting of course.

This is 5 days of work.  These guys are not fooling around LOL

Sidenote: Its not the renovation that is killing me its the daily trips to Lowes that are killing me.  $50 here and there and I am being nickled and dimed TO DEATH!!

What has been your most aggravating nuance in renovating?

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