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My bathroom Storage Solution

I had stuff in my bathroom everywhere.


(ignore the junk in the mirror…I have major construction going on).  There’s junk under the sink,  on the shower rods,  in the shower stall, hanging in baskets, a basket on the back of the toilet and my vitamins on the sink in the kitchen.  It was getting out of hand and it became clearer and clearer that I needed a better storage solution.

I also had this wasted wall space.  I didn’t know what to do with it so I keep changing the quotes over the time since I been here.

bathroom 2

then it went to


This was the last one…a bit depressive reading whilst sitting on the throne.  I figured I could make better use of the wall.


I went into my newest find for treasures….the  Reuse Warehouse.  Basically they deconstruct houses and sell the stuff in their store.  They are like the Habitat stores but MUCH cheaper.  I don’t go to the habitat stores anymore as their prices, I find, are outrageous.

I was on a scavenger hunt and purchased this door for a mere $5.00.  It had water damage stains but I can work around that.  I did not see any structural damage so I purchased it.


I pulled the roller hardware out of the top and removed the hinge to give me two separate doors.


It was about 3″ too long so I cut it down.  When I did it exposed the hollow part of the door.


I found the core in the piece I cut off and put it back in the bottom of the door

I built the shelves and that was a horrid story.  Why was it horrid?  Lets just say I did not have the proper tools so the job was harder than it should have been and we will leave it at that.  I have bits and pieces of it on the blog so I won’t repeat that story but you can go back and read them if you like.  Here are the history photos.

I cut out the sheetrock, made the frame from two 1×3’s (about $2 each at Lowes), put roofing paper in the back because it was against the outside wall and for some reason I think roofing paper is very insulative, added the shelves, put a face frame on it, primed it and painted it white.  I wanted to add a bit of color so I painted the inside Merlot.  One $2.99 sample bottle painted the entire inside of this cabinet btw but note I used a small high quality roller and a purdy 2″ angled brush…cheaper rollers waste paint.


++Bam++ Now I have a fancy french door medicine cabinet.  Whoo hooo look at me now.

Most people I have shown that photo to weren’t impressed with me having french doors on my medicine cabinet.  No they were like “damn girl you have a lot of soap!!”  Yeah I love perfume and I found you can manipulate  perfume to be totally unique to you  with scented soaps so I have different soaps for different perfumes.  Crazy right?  Well I did not think so until I had to try and put all these soaps in one place.  That made me face the madness.

SIDENOTE: As I had to tell my auntie just recently…I do not use bar soaps.  I think they are the most disgusting things ever invented and I could never imagine using them.   How could you use it to clean your whoo ha if someone else cleaned theirs with the same soap? ** gag** ewwwwwl!!


When my uncle came I gave him 5 brand new bottles of men’s soaps and gave my grand daughters some of the soaps too.  And still my shelves are full and I have others in the kitchen now.  Damn girl…this IS a problem…I say to myself. New year resolution.   I will not buy another bottle of soap until I am almost COMPLETELY out!!  No more stocking up.

Back at the Reuse Warehouse I found this beautiful sink.  It is Kohlers Memoirs sink complete with the Forte faucets and this bad boy looks brand new.


He was asking $250 for it and I knew without even looking it up it was a good deal so I got it.  I had actually found another sink, purchased it, had them load it in my car, went back in the store to check something else and saw this one, had them unload that sink and I got this one.  There was a big difference in price so he did not mind.  This sink is HUGE and I love it.  The problem was once I installed it I could not open the doors to my new closet.


I had to sand out a notch, with a file,  and that was a major pain in the butt.  Why? Because guess what?  I can’t find my freaking sander.  But in looking for it guess what I did find? My rotozip.  Figures. Would I be sounding negative by saying I can’t win? Yes I would be negative and ungrateful too because I did win when I got such a good deal on the sink.

I plan on painting the notch  and it will look fantastic.  Its on my honey do list. When I complete it I will update this post with the painted version.   Oh and do you wonder if the water stains came out?

Yes they did, thanks for asking.  I put on a coat of light gray primer then painted the door white and it looks perfecto.  Again, I used a good quality mini roller and a Purdy 2″ angled brush.


Oh and before I forget….  I discovered at  Staples you can get engineering prints in color now for cheap.  I been getting them to do my prints.  I had this print done by them for less than $2.



I made my order online and paid in the store at pick up.  You have to make the prints in PDF format for them to print them.  This is big news people.  They used to only do them in black and white but you can get them in color now.  Check out these projects. I have a project I will be sharing with you soon (if it comes out right).  Sidenote:  they tell you online not to use these prints for photos. You know what that’s about right?  (money money money…..MON-AAAY).  Ignore that warning and order your engineering prints in color… cheaply!!

The white accordion hanger thingy is what I will be using to keep washcloths on.  I got it from the dollar store.  It came with 2 screws but I used all 7 screw holes to secure it to the wall.  Screws are black.  Imma leave them like that.

Oh and seems this closet strikes curiosity in kids.  They have to not only open my closet but when they do?  They sample my lotions. How do I know?  Because I walk in the living room and everyone is smelling like me.  I ask…did you go in my medicine cabinet and they look at me dead on…nope.  Now they probably wondering why I ask because kids just don’t put two and two together (unless they trying to figure out if YOU somehow tricked THEM, then they turn into little Sherlock Holmes).   So I put an alarm on it.  I got it from the dollar store.  If you open the doors the alarm sounds AND it is loud as crap.  LOL I wonder how many adults will get busted?

If you come to my place and peek in my cabinet you will get busted LOL and I can’t wait for it to happen.

Do you peek in others medicine cabinets?

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