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Miracle Wrap Review

I recently put my sink in.  By myself.  I am proud of that.  But what I am not proud of is that after I installed it two of the nuts were leaking.  I probably did not tighten it enough but I tightened them as far as I was comfortable doing so.  I always fear stripping the nuts. I did not use the thread wrap because I can’t find it.  LOL…my life excuse these days.  I went to the store to buy yet another pack of thread wrap when I saw this product and decided to try it out.  My thinking was at least I would get to use all or most of the pack and not have to worry about losing it for future use.


I read the instructions and they seemed pretty straight forward.


I did this and the first time when I turned the water on it was still leaking.  So I decided to layer it a bit more and stretch it tighter and go well beyond the nut.

I also turned off the water while I did the second layer.

It worked this time.  Cost?  $5-6 with tax for 1″ x 8′ and  I have plenty left.

I am fine with it but not jumping up in the air kicking my heels thrilled with it.  I am going to try it on my hose in the spring.  That may excite me a bit more.

DISCLAIMER: not getting paid nor compensated to do this review.  Just sharing my experience

Here is the promo video

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